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  1. Happy birthday Laramie :balloons:

  2. Happy Birthday Laramie! :balloons:

  3. Happy birthday! :)

  4. Happy sweet 16th Laramie :party: I hope you're OK.

  5. Happy Birthday Laramie! Have a great day ! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Laramie!:bestw:

  7. Have a fantastic birthday!

  8. Happy birthday!!! :)

  9. Hey there, noticed you haven't been on for quite a long time. I hope you're OK. :friends3:

  10. Hi Laramie! :006: How are you? Nice and bright :) Unlike our weather :irked:

  11. Harry Potter movie delayed

    I've heard it's because a few movies are coming out in November, but in the Summer there's a weekend when nothing comes out, so they're doing it then.
  12. Hi everyone

    hi and welcome
  13. New to forum

    hey and welcome to here. have a great time
  14. hello

    hi, welcome to here
  15. Adverts you like/dislike?

    I don't like the one on the radio for some football thing. A dude yelling...it gets on my nerves so much I have to turn it off