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  1. Continue the Story game 4,

    n't been to bed yet, got a bit waylaid at the Black Goose ... but I'm on my way.' 'Ooooo .... that sounds FAScinating! Tell all when you get here.' 'Gotta go Deb, prior appointment. Thanks for the drinks ...see ya.' And that was the last time ...
  2. I love books like this too, I think I may have read these many years ago but I'd love to do a re-read.
  3. Old Fashioned Love Song ~ Three Dog Night
  4. Continue the Story game 4,

    need to stick together, show solidarity in the face of rampant discrimination and sexism. A new world order, that's what we need. Women in control, turn the tables on all those chauvinistic pigs. Down with the capitalist society that discriminates against us! We've been the victims of oppression since the dawn of time. ... but the worm has turned!' Cicely's mind had begun to wander, she was thinking about her warm bed and her usual nightcap of hot chocolate laced with a generous slug of Irish Cream, 'So which worm is this, then?'
  5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart ~ Neil Young
  6. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
  7. Continue the Story game 4,

    expect the women to do all the hard work. While they carry great loads on their heads, do all the cooking, child-raising, washing etc, the men ponce round in their tiny loincloths merely carrying a featherweight arrow!' 'I've 'eard enough of this rubbish,' said Bert, sculling his drink. 'I'm outer 'ere. You wimmen liberationists make me sick. You eiver come 'ome wif me now Cic or you can ...
  8. Continue the Story game 4,

    never listen!' 'Keep a civil tongue in your mouth and make up your mind. Is it a sherry or a pina you're after? I'm only doing this because Cicely is such a fascinating lady who talks a lot of sense. You can buzz off whenever you like. Now what were you saying about ...
  9. Love and Affection ~ (by the wonderful) Joan Armatrading
  10. Favourite Author

    Yes he is! I would have said the same, John Howard is such an endearing character. Also loved Requiem For A Wren.
  11. Favourite Author

    I managed to get the complete set of Neville Shute books one time for $20, at a book fair. They look like they've never been read. I've read many of his books and really enjoy his writing. Which is your favourite?