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  1. Bother, I forgot to check the calendar on Sunday - belated happy birthday. :)

  2. Happy Birthday SBW! I hope you'll drop in again soon. Haven't seen you for a while.

  3. What are you watching now?

    Coronation street (1tv2)
  4. What have you been watching at the cinema? (Cont..)

    I've seen that too and I thought an entertaining light hearted comedy!
  5. What have you been watching at the cinema? (Cont..)

    I saw that on dvd and I totallly agree it's entertaining film;)
  6. Favourite chick-lit author?

    I've not yet read "Rachel's holiday"
  7. Favorite Actor or Actress

    Actors kevin spacey denzil washington ray winstone matthew perry phillip seymore hoffman kenneth brannagh stephen fry Dennis Quaid Al pacino clive owen actresses audrey hepburn meryl streep sandra bullock barbara strisand shirley mclaine meg ryan nicole kidman
  8. The last DVD you watched? (Cont..)

    "The Invention Of Lying" with Ricky Gervais it was very entertaining;)
  9. What have you been watching at the cinema? (Cont..)

    The last movie I saw was "44 inch chest" with the wonderful ray winstone as a depessed gangster! the cast was brill it was a who's who of british movies! so good!
  10. The last DVD you watched? (Cont..)

    State of play with Russell crowe! Great film:D
  11. Sorry to hear that sbw :friends0:

  12. I've not heard of it, but any book that gets sent to you free (especially signed ones!) is a good thing - especially when accompanied by chocollates! :)

  13. That's nice! Well done you!