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  1. What's up in May?

    Had a lovely day yesterday with Kat & O's at a friends wedding despite the rain! Kat looked gorgeous in her bridesmaid dress and O's scrubbed up pretty well too. Felt a bit of a numpty having to have my food cut up for me, can't wait to be able to the simple things like that.
  2. What's up in May?

    Wow Pontalba that is amazing. Not much happening here, my elbow is slowly improving just have a dull ache now until I try and move it too much! Work have been very accommodating, I have a couple of minnions to do my fetching and carrying and quite a few colleagues who keep offering to make my brews I am lucky to have such wonderful work friends. I am mainly on desk duties and no helpline calls which is a blessing and my one handed typing speed is getting better by the day
  3. What's up in May?

    The elbow is not too bad, mainly a constant dull ache with some sharper pain when i move it (which I have to do to stretch it ) I have stopped taking to strong painkillers as they left me feeling spaced out so just sticking to paracetamols to take the edge off. Went out for a bit of a drive today with hubby, took some flowers to the cemetary and called in to see my mum which was nice, then back home through the torrential rain. Just realised that Endeavour is not on tonight so will have to console myself with a book
  4. What's up in May?

    Thank you x Congratulations poppy x Thank you, yes it is a nuisance and I am being looked after. Hate not being able to even the simplest of things, got to go out today with the dogs and hubby which blew the cobwebs away but it will be a while before I will be able to take them out by myself
  5. What's up in May?

    Thank you
  6. What's up in May?

    Oops been absent for a few weeks again Lets see what have I been up to? Well not a lot really, Had a week off work at the end of March and managed to read 4 whole books, The Mrs Brown trilogy from Brendan O'Carroll and a Diane Chamberlain one which i quite enjoyed. Since then my mojo has been awol again. Then had a few weeks at work followed by another week off at the end of April which I have not read a single page! I did go fishing with hubby on the first 2 days then spent the rest of the week pottering around and going to a couple of car boots. The bank holiday weekend was the anniversary of Freya joining our household and we even managed to get a picnic in which the dogs also enjoyed Last Monday was the date we selected to celebrate Freya's birthday and I also managed to take a birthday bump for her, well a fall actually which after a trip to A&E confirmed a fractured elbow I can't believe how hard it is to do things with only one arm! But at least I got a few extra days off, should be fun on Monday when I go back not sure what I will be able to do or not! Ah well off to browse the boards........
  7. Happy Birthday to you....x

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a gorgeous day. XXX

  9. What's up in January

    Hope your feeling better soon Muggles, I feel your pain with the cough I was like that too. I was rudely awoken at 6am yesterday with a bad headache which then turned to migraine last night, first one of 2013. Today I have struggled through work with the after effects but I am now almost fully over it. Not a lot else happening up here on the Fylde Coast apart from the horrendous wind and rain, please bring back the snow!!!!
  10. What's up in January

    I survived my week on helpline and now have 4 weeks till I have to do it all again (I hate doing phones!) and also got told that I won't be doing any acting up for a while. Not a happy bunny, going from 5 days to 2 was bad enough but now I'm going to be about £200 a month down in wages which wouldn't be so bad but after Hannah's birthday last August child benefit and tax credit stopped so we are really feeling the pinch now. Loved the snow yesterday just a pity it was all gone this morning. I'm still struggling with the bad cough but feeling loads better in myself and I'm managing to do some reading too.
  11. O M G that's amazing you lucky thing. Slopes off slowly to join the queue.......... Here here!!! Ok I'm guilty as charged, I've lost count of Mt TBR but I don't care Even loss of my mojo didn't stop me buying more books, I have started to refrain from looking in shops but only cos' i can buy for my kindle and that way hubby doesn't know I've bought any lol
  12. Reading break?

    Same here I can go from prolific reading to nothing, I am just coming out of a non reading phase now. I find lots of stress and worries upsets my mojo and this last couple of years has been more down than up and my mojo went completely. Thankfully it's coming back - 4 books in 2 months is the best for a while. Missing mojo doesn't put me off buying books though!!!!
  13. What's up in January

    Thank you Well I for one am bitterly disappointed in the lack of snow around here we have had a light dusting which has now disappeared and today it has been snowing all day and not one flake has stuck! So not fair. I've almost completely recovered from the man flu just left with a horrible chesty cough every time I move. Work is still pants, I'm halfway through my week on helpline and only 5 weeks till I do it all again
  14. Your Book Activity Jan 2013

    I've surpassed myself and finished a book in under 3 days! Watch Over Me was a light easy read, no need to think too much but still very enjoyable. Now starting A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness and this may take a while it's huge!!!
  15. Your Book Activity Jan 2013

    My mojo left me last year and as a result I barely managed to get into double figures I did manage to read the 3 Rivers of London books by Ben Aaronovitz (sp?) and just before Christmas read Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. I just finished The Glass Painter's Daughter by Rachel Hore which I really enjoyed and I am about to start Watch Over Me by Daniela Sacerdoti - fingers crossed my mojo will stay for a while