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  1. I hate having a slump with my reading too...sometimes I just can't settle to a book I thought I was going to enjoy. Just given up on a book I was 3/4 way through. Hope the reading mojo returns Ian.
  2. Oh dear Janet....I thought you were always on top of your books. Good luck with getting them all listed...
  3. 'The Woman Who Painted Her Dreams' by Isla Dewar Well I started this book months ago and seemed to be enjoying it but it has taken me so long to get to 3/4 of the way through that I had completely lost track of what was actually happening. I have made the decision to abandon it, just not holding my interest anymore...life is to short as they say.
  4. 'Secrets of the Lighthouse' by Santa Montefiore This was my first read of this author and on the whole I enjoyed it. Ellen runs away to Ireland and doesn't want to be found and finds the perfect place when she goes to stay with her Aunt Peg and meets lots of members of her family she knew nothing about. Why had her mother kept all this a secret from her? She feels at home there but also hears about a tragedy that happened at the lighthouse. I loved the family she has in Ireland and she soon falls in love with their way of life and doesn't want to have to face what she has run away from and vows not to go back. Caitlin died tragically at the lighthouse, but what was the truth about why and how it happened. Caitlin is the supernatural element in this storyline and she talks to us as she watches over her children and her husband, who becomes involved with Ellen, she is jealous and wants to find a way to put an end to their relationship before it gets too serious. How would this be possible and how can make her peace and get closure. A weary soul who has to find a way. Surely Conor still loves her and not Ellen. Sometimes it was a bit predictable but it was still an enjoyable read. I may well try another of her books. 3/5
  5. More football

    One more win Scotland..and we are nearly there.
  6. ReadItSwapIt

    Not sure how many of our members use(d) ReadItSwapIt, but I have just discovered that the site has closed. I was going to check on a book and found after it not connecting and googling that it closed at the end of September. I've had a good few books swapped and enjoyed on this site.
  7. Linda Gillard

    @frankie...which ones do you have to read?
  8. Linda Gillard

    I read 'The Trysting Tree' last year and as with all Linda's books, thoroughly enjoyed it. My review....
  9. Erica James

    Sometimes you just need a 'nice' read with a bit of feel good factor. I hadn't read one of Erica's books in a while and 'Song of the Skylark' just fitted that niche. It was a present for Mother's Day from my youngest from my wishlist...always a good idea to keep a list for him to choose a book from for me. My review is here.... Anyone else recommend an Erica James read that you have enjoyed, then post here.
  10. That is good, managed to add two more books to the list in September....one for someone's name in title and female author.
  11. 'Harry the Poisonous Centipede's Big Adventure' (#2 in the series) Another funny read involving Harry and George, the poisonous centipedes. When George goes missing Harry goes off to find him but both are captured by a 'hoo-min' and put in a glass jars. They have to find their way back home which involves dodging death and other creepier crawlies than themselves. Another read pinched of the boys bookshelf....back to childhood reads.
  12. I do hope you enjoy it @Lau_Lou if you do read it.
  13. 'Song of the Skylark' by Erica James What a lovely read this was. Going between past and present....Clarissa and Lizzie, years apart in age but are brought together when Lizzie's mother gets her to volunteer at the care home she helps works at. Lizzie befriends Clarissa (95) and she begins to ask Clarissa about her past. She opens up and there the tale begins of how she sailed from America over to the UK at the age of 19 and how she made friends on board with Artie, Ellis, Effie, Betty. Once she arrives in England she seeks out her grandparents and there she stays. Her life totally different to what she has left and takes us up to and through WWII. She persuades her grandparents to take in two young boys torn apart from their parents due to the war. Clarissa remembers all the details of their lives through this trying time and how she still kept in touch with her friends she made. Everyone struggles through war time and not without love and losses, but they find strength to carry on. Lizzie has her problems too, but through her friendship with Clarissa she begins to see the error of her ways with guidance from her new friend. She comes to see that her future may take a different route and a more steady paced lifestyle could be just what she needs. Her family are there for support and she is loving helping out with her nephew, Freddie. I loved all the characters and the friendship of young and old was gently merged and became very special to both. The ending was inevitable but done in a very touching way and brought a tear to my eye. There were no loose ends as Lizzie and family had their own neat conclusion. 4/5
  14. 'The Forgotten Summer' by Carol Drinkwater I kept this one for my holiday read this year and thoroughly enjoyed being whisked away to France to the vineyards and olive trees. Carol writes about these subjects with such detail (I was taken back to The Olive Farm series...). I loved the characters and the twists in the storyline of past and present in the sun drenched Provence...although I wanted to shake Clarisse at times. When tragedy strikes Jane's beloved Luc she has to make decisions on how the future lies, whether it be in helping keep Luc's beloved vineyards going or go back to England. If Clarisse (Luc's mother) had her way she wouldn't let her have anything to do with it. When she is sifting through all Luc's files etc. she comes upon secrets he was keeping from her....and there lies a plot and how can she fine out the truth,but you will have to read the book to find out more. All in all I enjoyed this as my holiday read...thank you Carol. 4/5
  15. ...oh my...I've just looked at all your photos of book and bookshelves....!!! I think BCF need a trip to visit Athena Library....