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  1. 'Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams' by Jenny Colgan. Enjoyed the 'sweetie references' at the beginning of each chapter, but other than that a very ordinary, non taxing read. Sweetie shop, aged Aunt Lilian, Angie the daughter, asks, Rosie the great niece to go and look after her after illness. Shop potentially needs put up for sale. Rosie settles in, spruces up the shop, reopens, gets to know the locals etc. Didn't find the love interest very engaging. Not without its ups and downs but a bit predictable how it was going to end and a bit too 'sweet' for me. 2/5
  2. @dragonmyst...I altered the title slightly and put /or a place name in the title.
  3. Just seen a good review for another Diane Chamberlain on bookie group on Facebook....Summer's Child'....goes off to add to wishlist...
  4. Oh good...I have all 3 on my TBR pile. I must get around to starting this trilogy. Glad you enjoyed them. I must be due a Diane Chamberlain read this year...
  5. Heavens....watching The Handmaids's a bit gruesome. Not read the book so had no idea what it was about. Not sure I'll be watching all them I've started watching (again...started but never followed it all the way through) 'The Good Wife', we have Netflix so starting again from the beginning.
  6. Regarding my bookie challenge, I've only read 10 books but have managed to add 9 to the challenge. I've been changing the actual categories around a bit though, some I don't think I would do. Check out my list on my book blog to see what I've put in the categories. I've doubled up on two but think 'The Nightingale' will replace one I have in 'animal' in the title.
  7. Finished 'A Week in Paris' by Rachel Hore Starting 'The Nightingale' by Kristin Hannah & 'Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams' by Jenny Colgan 'The Nightingale' has been recommended so many times by @chaliepud and others I feel bad that I haven't gotten to this read before now, but I only got a copy of it not that long ago.
  8. ' A Week in Paris' by Rachel Hore The title ' A Week in Paris' sounds like a read that would draw you in completely for the title, but I have to say it was a little disappointing and I felt a little too long. Two characters, Kitty, who enrols in the Conservatoire, 1937 to hopefully become a concert pianist. War breaks out and she finds herself torn whether to stay with her husband or take her and her child back home to England. She stays. Fay, 25 years later, doesn't have many memories of her childhood and now playing in a orchestra herself, is performing in Paris. Ideal opportunity to find out more of what happened when she was living there with her mother. Circumstances from home push her to find out more with some secrets uncovered that her mother has never told her about....why? She manages to trace the past and discovers truths. There was a lot of historical references to what went on in Paris during this time which I found quite interesting, but at times the story was a little flat and I felt I wanted more, but not quite sure what. 3/5
  9. @chesilbeach....lovely... @Janet....lovely...
  10. My heart goes out to all those affected by the events in Manchester...xx

  11. Has anyone read 'The Red Tent' by Anita Diamant. I read it many years ago, but was browsing on Netflix for something to watch and came across it, so watched the first part of it....will tune in again maybe tomorrow for more. I remember it being a very good read.
  12. You are welcome @Janet....seems I've made a few folk happy...
  13. So let me think.....(there will be others I have missed no doubt) Joanne Harris Diane Chamberlain Sue Monk Kidd Linda Gillard Rosie Thomas Mitch Albom Carol Drinkwater Vanessa Diffenbaugh JK Rowling Enid Blyton (for all the great childhood reads that got me loving books)
  14. 'Between Sisters' by Cathy Kelly I can't remember if I have read any Cathy Kelly before. My sister gave me the book. I mostly enjoyed this easy read about Cassie and Coco. Being brought up by their grandmother, Pearl, after there mother leaves them when they were very young. Cassie remembers her mother but Coco (hated this name) was just a baby. But eventually we find out why she left. Cassie is married with a husband and two daughters and Coco is single and runs a vintage clothes shop0. The book deals with everyday life, families, break ups, romance and second chances, friendships, alcoholism. Lots of characters to remember and at times I found it a little to long and drawn out with not much happening. Of the two sisters I liked Coco (despite the name). It had a good enough end if a tad predictable. 3/5
  15. @Michelle...ok thanks...