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  1. Christmas Reads/Books

    I've seen a few Christmas books in the local charity shop...must pop in maybe tomorrow and see if they are still in the window. One was a Debbie Macomber one.
  2. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    @Virginia....did you enjoy Orient Express?
  3. 'Love Letters' by Debbie Macomber Nice easy read. First one of the Rose Harbor series of books I read but this was the 3rd one so I wasn't aware of the main character Jo Marie, but I enjoyed it as a stand alone read. Both couples who visit one weekend had one thing in common...a love letter...and also Jo Marie herself. I love the cosy setting of Rose Harbor Inn and Jo Marie seems like a perfect owner. I would probably read an earlier one to find out more about the main characters. 3/5
  4. 2017 Books 'The Woman Who Painted Her Dreams' by Isla Dewar.....started July (didn't finish) 'Secrets of the Lighthouse' by Santa Montefiore....October '17 - review here
  5. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    We went to see Murder on the Orient Express last weekend. I had my doubts about Kenneth Branagh being Hercule but I was pleasantly surprised actually.
  6. Christmas Reads/Books

    I think I've heard that not being very Christmassy but I loved the cover. Love your name by the way...
  7. Does anyone have any Christmas books they like to read in December or do you have a wishlist of books for Santa... I've been having a browse in Waterstones this week looking for ideas and I ended up buying Hercule Poirot's Christmas for hubby. It has a lovely cover and I hope he enjoys it. I've seen a few titles I might add to my Santa list... 'Another Little Christmas Murder' Lorna Nicholl Morgan 'A Christmas Party' by Georgette Meyer 'Murder in the Snow' Gladys Mitchell 'Mystery in White' by J Jefferson Farjeon It was the covers that attracted me...some are really old fashioned looking.
  8. Postie man brought a wee book shaped parcel today....thanking you @chaliepud for 'The Courage Tree' by Diane Chamberlain, you are so lovely.......xx
  9. Has it been a slow year all round for reading and reviews...I'm just not getting through books at any great speed these days.
  10. ...and no doubt you have a wishlist for Christmas pressies....
  11. 'The Legacy' by Katherine Webb New author for me. Enjoyed this read, two sisters return to the house where they spent a lot of time together as children. Their grandmother left them the house but there are secrets that need to be solved. Something happened to their cousin Henry, he disappeared and Erica vows to find out what happened to him, but Beth doesn't want her to pursue it. What is she hiding? The story goes between past 1904 (Caroline and America, although I found part of it a bit far fetched, getting a baby to Britain and no questions asked!) and present and eventually the stories blend, but not without their secrets. Letters, photographs, whose baby is in the photograph with Caroline as they know nothing of there being a child. All is revealed with a few twists along the way. 3.5/5
  12. Christmas planning and chat

    December/Christmas is always a hard time for me...too many sad thoughts pop in to my head of loved ones who passed away in Decembers since 2004...., mum, dad and my in-laws.... I always have to drag myself to motivated and organised.
  13. Sorry to hear about mum Kay...hope she is recovered now...lovely that hubby has been doing the kitchen but a total nightmare to get it done....be lovely when finished I'm sure. Good luck with getting back on track with reading..xx
  14. I hate having a slump with my reading too...sometimes I just can't settle to a book I thought I was going to enjoy. Just given up on a book I was 3/4 way through. Hope the reading mojo returns Ian.