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  1. @Michelle...ok thanks...
  2. @Athena....for William..xx
  3. Oh my lost did I feel tonight at 'Broadchurch'.....
  4. Was there any news on 'fonts' please...just wondering...
  5. 'Harry the Poisonous Centipede' by Lynne Reid Banks Not a grown up book but I was recommending it to someone on Facebook re books for ~7/8yr old grandson and this one came to mine and Kenny still has his copy, so I decided to read it...took me back to when we read stories to our boys. Harry is a centipede and lives with his mother Belinda in the tunnels underground. He isn't very brave and his friend George is always tempting him in to being more adventurous, but sometimes this gets them in to bother. They know the shouldn't do naughty things they have been warned about by not to go Up the Up Pipe...and beware of and keep away from Hoo-Mins. It is a lovley wee read and I enjoyed it in a fun way, full of 'squirmy' fun. Was nice to go back to a childhood favourite of my boys when growing up. 4/5
  6. Oh my....that one takes me that by Masie mum and I loved those books...can't remember how many there were now.
  7. Happy Easter to my fellow bookie pals...:D

    1. Athena


      Happy Easter to you too :D!

  8. Actually out of the 3 I have read that was the one I liked....
  9. ' Rough Music' by Patrick Gale Enjoyable enough but had trouble keeping up with the past and present chapters and names at times. I didn't find there was really a plot as such, which kind of disappointed. A childhood summer holiday gone past and 'coming to terms with uncomfortable truths about parents and himself'. They are joined one summer by his Uncle and cousin and repercussions of what happened back then come to a head in the future chapters. Affairs happen within the family. Dementia is mentioned regarding his mother, which was a touch sad in places, but written with sensitivity. 3/5
  10. Thank you @Athena for my little arrow thingy...
  11. Found it....excellent.....thank you...I'm easy I need to figure out the @Michelle thingy...oh there it is...
  12. Don't suppose it is a necessity but I have to say I used the wee arrow a lot when I was at the bottom of the page...thanks for answer..xx
  13. Chilly but bright and sunny spring day here...daffies are nice and cheery in the garden.