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      It's Christmas in July! The winner of the July Supporter giveaway will receive this beautiful Barnes & Noble edition of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, as well as a special Charles Dickens tea by  theliteraryteacompany.co.uk .   I've been keeping this book a secret for so long (I couldn't wait until Christmas!) It's actually from a really lovely independent bookshop in Hay-on-Wye, the town of books. I'm so glad I finally get to show you! The picture doesn't even do it justice. A nice feature that you can't see in this image - the page edges are gold and (an extra surprise for the winner) the back is just as beautiful as the front! We also now have twice as much tea as previous giveaways!  (Thank you Literary Tea Company!)   As always, supporters are automatically entered into the giveaway and a winner will be chosen at random at the end of the month. If you want to enter this giveaway but you aren't a supporter, you can join in here https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum .   Good luck  

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  1. Wild Mountain Honey - Steve Miller Band
  2. Curse Of The Wild Weed Flower - Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner
  3. What are you listening to?

    Lucky Ladybug - Billy & Lillie
  4. Your Book Activity - July 2019

    It sounds like a special read. I bet you are really enjoying the Diaries.
  5. I have borrowed Frankie's rating system for 2019: 1/5: I didn't like it 2/5: It was okay 3/5: I liked it 4/5: I really liked it 5/5: It was amazing My first book read in 2019 unfortunately was only a 2/5 rating. I am currently reading Fear (book on Donald (cadet bone spurs) Trump) by Bob Woodward I am looking forward to some much better reading soon as there are books I have on hold at the library that I believe will be very good. I requested the library to buy 4 ebooks and I recently received a notice that the ebooks have been purchased. Current books on hold at the library: The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce series) – Alan Bradley The New Iberia Blues ( a Dave Robicheaux novel) – James Lee Burke The Winter of the Witch (Winternight Trilogy book 3) – Katherine Arden Fallen Land – Taylor Brown Long Road to Mercy – David Baldacci Virgil Wander – Leif Enger 1. The Reckoning - John Grisham - 2/5 - generally I enjoy John Grisham but this was not one of his better books.
  6. Music, Music, Music - Teresa Brewer
  7. Muggle Not's Reading List - 2019

    23. The Cruelest Month - Louise Penny - 3.5/5 - Good read. typical book by Louise Penny who is becoming one of my current favorite authors. Her books are simply enjoyable to read. Good stories and her description along the way is great. The Book Section of our Sunday newspaper shows "Where The Crawdads Sing" as still no 1 on the most popular list. What a great book it is.
  8. Your Cheatin' Heart - Hank Williams
  9. Your favorite teams?

    Thank you. I did have a nice day. July 7th was an even nicer day as the U.S. Women won the World Cup on Sunday
  10. People - Barbara Streisand
  11. Your favorite teams?

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes. England has an excellent team. Lucy Bronze may be one of the best World Cup players. But then, the U.S. also has a pretty darn good team. Now on to the Championship round.
  12. Oh, Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison
  13. Your favorite teams?

    Thanks for the happy birthday wish. As for the England win, dream on. But it should be a good game. Whoever wins will be the favorite in the Championship round.
  14. Your favorite teams?

    Thanks for correcting me. Don't know what I was thinking when I made the post. And yes I do mean July 2nd. That is also my Birthday. So, perhaps the U.S. team can win it for my Birthday.
  15. Your favorite teams?

    An important Olympic Soccer game will be played on Tuesday (June 2, 2019) between the U.S. women and England. I am hoping, of course, that the U.S. women win the match. England has come a long way in developing a pretty good team.
  16. Chrissy's Reading 2019

    Philip Pullman's books sound interesting. I will check out our library to see if they have his books.
  17. Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet - Everly Brothers
  18. Hayley's Reading 2019

    The libraries in the U.S. allow downloading to kindle. I get 95% of my books on kindle from the library. Amazon must have an arrangement with all libraries in the U.S. I am not sure but I believe that poppy in New Zealand can also get library books from the library for her kindle.
  19. Hayley's Reading 2019

    Check out your libraries to see if they have digital books for you to download to your new kindle. I did a little quick research and it doesn't look good for borrowing books to download from your library to a kindle. That is terrible. Wonder what it takes to get a license for your library. https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/info/50163/library_services/1550/ebooks_and_eaudiobooks_from_overdrive Overview This 24/7 ebook service is free and is designed to be used by library members outside the library. Due to licensing restrictions, this service is available only to members who live within the Birmingham City Council tax boundaries and have a current Birmingham library card. You can download fiction, non-fiction and children's books to an e-reader, mobile phone, PC or tablet PC. We do not yet have a licence for use with a Kindle in the UK. You'll find a list of compatible devices and which formats they can use at www.overdrive.com/resources/drc. We have bought the EPUB, PDF and some WMA formats.
  20. Poppy's Progress 2019

    I am glad you enjoyed the book. I also consider it one of my favorites. It is still ranked #1 in the U.S. after many, many months. I put the Eleanor Oliphant book on hold at the library. Library copies: 26 People waiting in total: 319 People waiting per copy: 12
  21. 99 Bottles of Beer (On The Wall) - Anonymous Folk Song
  22. Muggle Not's Reading List - 2019

    22. War of the Wolf (book #11 of the Saxon Series) - Bernard Cornwell - 3.5/5 - enjoyable but not one of the best in the Saxon Series. Still though, I continue to learn a lot about the beginning of England.
  23. Muggle Not's Reading List - 2019

    Thanks. I have borrowed 20 books so far this year from the library, considerably less than usual. Our library allows us to keep 6 books on hold at a given time. I usually put a hold on the new releases and/or more popular books. I don't mind waiting for them to become available. There are many other books that I am interested in that are available immediately for me to download to my kindle while I wait on the others. Sometimes I will buy a book for my kindle if I want to keep the book or if I want to read it immediately. I usually purchase about 3 or 4 digital books a year. I really love libraries and believe they are a great source for books.