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  1. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    My mistake. The Good Daughter "is" a standalone book by Karin Slaughter. It just now became available to me from the library and I will start reading it tonight. 34. Indelible - Karin Slaughter - 8/10 35. Fallen - David Baldacci - 8/10
  2. Down In The Valley - Slim Whitman
  3. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody - Jerry lewis
  4. Please, Mr. Sun - Johnny Ray
  5. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    31. Fallen – Karin Slaughter - 8/10 32. Broken – Karin Slaughter - 8.5/10 - Really a good book 33. Heaven Adjacent – Catherine Ryan Hyde - 7.5/10
  6. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    Yes, I mean you. The list I was referring to was your TBR list although all your lists are good. When are you going to get around to East of Eden by Steinbeck? I see where you also have The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter on your list of books bought. You may want to consider holding off on reading it until you read her previous books. I am on a roll of reading Karin Slaughter right now. Actually, I have The Good Daughter on hold at the library as I fly through her earlier books.
  7. Let's Jump The Broomstick - Brenda Lee
  8. What's Up in June? - 2018

    I went berry picking this morning. Was at the Berry Farm by 7:00 am and picked over a gallon of blueberries and blackberries by 8:00 am. I am going to make a blackberry cobbler. http://www.blueberrythrillfarm.com/
  9. Lucky In Love - Mick Jagger
  10. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    30. - Venom of the Mountain Man - William W. Johnstone - 7.5/10 - a Western featuring Smoke Jensen of the Smoke Jensen series. Not a great story as anyone could determine the outcome early into the book.
  11. Lucky Old Sun - k.d. lang
  12. Walking My Baby Back Home - Johnny Ray
  13. What's your current news about?

    That is an understatement.
  14. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    29. The Outsider - Stephen King - 8/10 - The first part of the book moved pretty slow and mainly consisted of interviews of a horrific crime that had been committed. Gradually the book picked up steam and got interesting. I was surprised, pleasantly, when characters from previous books started to be mentioned and in one case became a key person in the book. Overall it was a good read but still not on the scale of King's best books.