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  1. Wild World

    When I was a youngster I would spend many a day in the woods with friends playing. It was common for us to hike 5 miles or so. In all my time though I have never seen a piebald squirrel. poppy, I probably miss seeing them more than they miss me. When we lived in our house in Virginia it was probably our most enjoyable time. We loved living there. Ok, I will post 4 bear pictures and then will stop boring you all. I named most of the bears that visited our house. Here are 4 bears that I named. See if you can put the name with the photo.. Trouble, Posing bear, Looking bear, Lazy bear,
  2. Just a little funny A widow of 104 years of age was interviewed by the local paper about her longevity. The interviewer asked about her husband and the widow said she had been married four times. She explained her first husband was a banker. Her second husband was the ringmaster for the Ringing Bros. Circus. Her third husband owned an assisted living care facility. Her fourth husband was a funeral director. The interviewer was taken aback and asked how strange it worked out in that order to which she replied; "not strange at all. It was one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go."
  3. Wild World

    I found my folder that has most of my bear photos. I named the bears as they came to our birdfeeder thru the years. I would name them "Trouble" (for a good reason), evening bear, eating bear, lazy bear, bad bear, etc. This is the photo of the two cubs together with momma bear. The photo was taken a couple weeks earlier than the previously posted photo as you can see the cubs are a little smaller.
  4. Wild World

    A photo of momma bear and another photo of a bear cub. There were actually two bear cubs but I can't find the photo of the two of them together. They are in the woods in our back yard .
  5. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    25. The Butterfly Garden - Dot Hutchison - 7/10 - Too Dark of a book for me. Guy kidnaps girls and tattoos butterfly wings on their backs and then uses the girls as his plaything, etc. He keeps them in his private Butterfly Garden.
  6. Wild World

    I copied the attachments from youtube but that is exactly how they sound when "pecking" and when making their "call". When sitting on my back porch some days I could hear them from way off in the woods. https://youtu.be/-1NybDGvjoA https://youtu.be/WM7k5Fw-kaM
  7. Matt Haig

    I started reading The Radleys last night.
  8. Wild World

    We would get bear and deer in the back yard of our house in Virginia. some of you may remember when I was always posting photos of the bears at our bird feeder. We had them almost every day. Also would get many deer and other wildlife. We also used to see the pileated woodpecker in the woods from our back porch when we lived in Virginia. It is a large woodpecker and has a unique "call". You can hear them a long ways off.
  9. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    24. Allie & Bea - Catherine Ryan Hyde - 8/10 - Thoroughly enjoying read. Type of book that makes you mad at certain things that happen in the book and you wonder how mean some people can be. And how misfortunate others can be. I wish there had been a little bit more story to the book ending. All-In-All though it was a good book. Currently reading The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison. A little dark for my tastes but I am going to finish the book.
  10. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - Brian Hyland
  11. IT's A Small World - Disney ( I was there)
  13. Dream a Little Dream Of Me - Mama Cass 1968
  14. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    22. The Rooster Bar - John Grisham - 7/10 - I don't think this was one of Grisham's better books. 23. Life's A Witch - Amanda M. Lee - 8/10 - Good reading as Aunt Willa visits her sister Aunt Tillie and sparks fly. currently reading Allie and Bea by Catherine Ryan Hyde.
  15. What's Up in May? - 2018

    May is not starting out to be a good month for me. Having cataract surgery next week, not a big deal but more serious things were detected in the very thorough tests that were run.