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  1. I have never seen her on TV. I do like her, so far, in the book. maybe that will change down the road but so far so good.
  2. We had asparagus and lemon pasta last night. We had ours with penne pasta. Very good.
  3. (Nice song by Natalie Merchant) Maggie's Back In Town - Margaret Whiting
  4. 16. The Cold Dish - Craig Johnson - 8.5/10 - Good read. This is not a true 'western" though (cowboys and Indians). It takes place in Wyoming and reminds me a little of the writing o of William Kent Krueger. I have not watched the Longmire series on TV but if the series is as good as the book I have been missing something. 17. Death Without Company - Craig Johnson - 8.5/10 - Different story but in the same vein as The Cold Dish. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I have come to enjoy Deputy Vic n this series.
  5. Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
  6. Peaceful Easy Feeling - The Eagles
  7. You've Lost That Loving Feeling - Righteous Brothers
  8. Athena & Little Pixie - thank you for responding. I agree that the article was very interesting. I downloaded the free book for both myself and my wife. I believe it will be a good read. It is amazing what is being worked on in the medical field nowadays. I hope much of it is successful.
  9. Since I Lost My Baby - Temptations
  10. Walking My Baby Back Home - Johnny Ray
  11. As some of you may know I am a fan of John Grisham and I am sure you probably know from me telling you previously that we go to the same dentist. (just think, the dental hygientist that cleans my teeth also cleans John Grisham's) We have both been going to this dentist for over 25 years. My wife and I were at UVA Medical Center (Hospital) yesterday and picked up a magazine while there that had a John Grisham article in it where we read about the new free book. John Grisham has a short 47 page new book titled The Tumor that is free for everyone to download from Amazon. Grisham wrote the book for several reasons the most important being that he feels so strongly about this new medical technology. Please read the entire article before downloading and reading the book. A member of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s board of directors, Grisham came up with the novel idea of using his best-selling ability to increase awareness of the potential of this technology.
  12. Me too. Asparagus and Lemon Linguine sounds good, think I will try it this week
  13. Lover, Come Back To Me - Billie Holliday