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  1. I am reading The Institute by Stephen King. I am 25% into the book and so far enjoy it.
  2. 2020 - Muggle Not's Reading

    9. Once Upon A River - Diane Setterfield - 4/5 - I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
  3. 2020 - Muggle Not's Reading

    8. A Minute to Midnight - David Baldacci - 4 - This is the second book in a new series by Baldacci and I like the main character, a female in the FBI. 7. The Guardian - John Grisham - 3.5
  4. Hey Good Looking - Hank williams
  5. Ode To Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry
  6. Your Book Activity - March 2020

    I just started "Once Upon A River" by Diane Settlefield and am only 9% into the book but so far it is awesome. Has anyone else read it?
  7. Ruby - Osborne Brothers
  8. My Town - Montgomery Gentry
  9. Mississippi Kid - lynyrd skynyrd
  10. 2020 - Muggle Not's Reading

    You pretty much put it in words for me. Dickens writing was good except the storyline left me wanting as I found it hard to get interested in much of the book.
  11. no, I don't go to many concerts these days. My Way - Frank Sinatra
  12. 2020 - Muggle Not's Reading

    You are correct, I haven't had a really, really good book this year so far.
  13. Athena's Reading List 2020

    it looks like your reading is going well, as usual.