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  1. Kobo E-Reader - £67

    Its very confusing isn't it? I don't have a Kindle, but I download kindle books via Amazon of course to my computer or my phone (android) There's a special app you can get ...free. Works a treat. I like reading from my phone, but some people would find the screen too small and too bright. I have a sony e-reader and it accepts stuff that downloads to my computer, but you have to have the right manager (and drivers). I just downloaded something from kindle or kobo, can't remember which, but will get back to you on that. My friend has just bought a Kindle and is wondering why he didn't buy one before. I must admit I fancy a kobo or Kindle, as my sony is one of the early ones...but will have to wait a bit.
  2. Thanks Poppy. I must try and get on more often. Don't seem to have much time for reading, although I have just finished Mary Barton -xx

  3. Thanks Poppy. I must try and get on more often. Don't seem to have much time for reading, although I have just finished Mary Barton -xx

  4. Thank you Janet. Nice to be remembered, as I am not around so much these days :)

  5. I am notoriously bad at checking the calendar (as last year's comment will confirm! so, belated happy birthday for Monday. :)

  6. Kindle advert

    Hi Michelle...if you haven't already you might like to consider my earlier post (8). It really is easy and you don't have the expense of the Kindle, but you have to have the right kind of mobile device to support the app. However, more and more folk will be buying android phones, so worth consideration.
  7. Kindle advert

    Oops! I asked for that, didn't I? Not quite what I meant, but ... hee hee
  8. Kindle advert

    Lol...its all about choice isn't it and what suits each persons life style. Also think about this, girl + river + kindle, or, girl+river + van loaded with books!!
  9. Kindle advert

    I have an android phone and recently got the Kindle app. Brilliant! I can download my favorite books, fiction, non fiction, whatever and read them on my phone. I love it. It works the same as Kindle, with the whyspersinc, but you don't need a Kindle. I am reading Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton this week, having read 'Wives and Daughters' last week. These are available free, but I have also bought patterns and other smaller bits and pieces. Because I already have an Amazon account, I just buy or order with one click! It's great. I also have a sony reader, but the phone is more convenient because you have it with you all the time!!
  10. Whoops - belated happy birthday. :D

  11. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fab day.