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  1. Hey Inanna :friends0: I miss you :(

  2. How do you choose your next book?

    Firstly I decide which genre I'm going to read, then I just grab whichever, unless there is a time restriction on it ie: the library
  3. Peter James

    Not yet
  4. Cerri's Reading List

    Well when you're next bored it'll fill an hour or 2 of your time
  5. I've not read her either, but she writes stories set in the Orient as well.
  6. I read that a few years ago, along with The Little Princess, both were great
  7. Undead and Unwed was an ok book IMO, I will read the rest of the series at some point, I just didn't feel it was as god as I expected it would be I have Empress Orchid as well Kell, that one looks great. Have you read any of Amy Tan's books by any chance? Oh if you love the Orient have you tried Shogun by James Clavell? I loved the dramatisation on TV when I was younger and have since picked up the book to read as well
  8. Cerri's Reading List

    LOL cool, you'll have to list them all here Clare when you get an hour. MIne is listed on the 1st page of my journal page
  9. Angel's list

    I got this from the library, it looks really good
  10. Women's Fiction / Chick Lit

    Its good Cerri, it'll give you a good giggle if nothing else
  11. Women's Fiction / Chick Lit

    Will do, may read it next
  12. Women's Fiction / Chick Lit

    Recently swapped 'Brown Owls Guide To Life' which looks like a lovely read
  13. Alice Hoffman - The Ice Queen

    Hmm doesn't sound as exciting as I thought it would be, but will still give it a go
  14. Joanna Denny - Anne Boleyn

    You'd love to visit Southsea Castle then, Henry VIII had it built and its full of history and great to look around
  15. Seasonal?

    Same for me, whenever whatever