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  1. Hey, Mamacita, I haven't seen you around recently. Hope you're alright! :hug:

  2. Anyone have a recipe they'd like to share?
  3. Baking...

    I love to bake...when the weather is cool...fughedaboudit when the weather is above 75*F, though! The secret to good pastry for pies is simple: don't handle it any more than absolutely necessary. When I make pie crust, I measure out all my dry ingredients and sift them together, then I add the fat (usually butter flavored Crisco shortening, but you can use lard, butter, whatever you like best). Using a pastry blender, start cutting it into the flour mixture until it looks like coarse corn meal. Then add your icy cold water, just a tablespoon at a time, and moosh it together with your hands until you have it all hanging together in a ball. Let it rest a bit, then roll it out. Hope this helps! If your pastry is gray...uh....you might want to wash your hands! ROTFLOL!
  4. Everything Wine

    Muggle, I read your opening post here. I get the Marques de Caseres Rioja at Costco and it's a very enjoyable red wine. There's this sparkling muscato called "Bug Juice" that I really like, too. For my everyday wine in the summer, I enjoy Beringer white zinfandel. But as the weather cools, I don't drink as much wine. I go for the heavier stuff a bit more...Jameson's Irish Whisky, Southern Comfort or Johnnie Walker Gold Label.
  5. Isabel Allende

    My sister gave me Daughter of Fortune for my birthday last year...I haven't gotten around to reading it yet b/c I want to be able to appreciate it. It's much heavier than most of what I read....yeah, I read fluff! LOL!! With my work, I need "brain candy" whenever I can get it. But it sounds like a really good book, so maybe it will be my book to curl up with on a cold winter weekend.
  6. Favourite Foods

    Take two slices of seeded rye bread, slather them with butter and toast butter side down on a grill or hot skillet til golden. Take a good fistful of shaved corned beef brisket (hot) and stir in a generous dollop of Russian salad dressing. Pile on the hot bread, lay a layer of warmed saurkraut on that, then top with slices of swiss cheese. Put the other slice of bread on top and eat!
  7. Foreign food

    You'd probably get the same kind of look I got the first time I asked the stockclerk at Winn-Dixie for 'tortillas'. :? I had to say "you know, the thin, white, bread-like thing that your Taco Bell burrito is wrapped in???" Duh!
  8. Favourite Foods

    1. Favourite main meal ~ Lobster broiled in garlic butter, with a squeeze of lemon juice 2. Favourite starter ~ Hot artichoke/parmesan dip with baguette slices 3. Favourite dessert ~ All American Chocolate Cake or carrot cake 4. Favourite pizza topping ~ ham and pineapple 5. Favourite bread ~ Any that's home made 6. Favourite vegetable ~ grilled zucchini slices w/ ranch dressing 7. Favourite fruit ~ The best that's in season 8. Favourite cheese ~ stilton 9. Favourite takeaway ~ fish and chips 10. Favourite chocolate bar ~ Godiva dark 11. Favourite sandwich ~Reuben
  9. Foreign food

    Kell, directly answering your question: Grits are "neutral"...they take on the flavor of whatever you put with it. If it's breakfast, I like my grits swimming in butter, salt and pepper. Don't care for them sweet, though I'd probably like them okay if I put butter, brown sugar and a bit of table cream with them. If you want to try something interesting with them, after you cook them, drop them by spoonsful in a greased skillet and fry them, like you would polenta patties, then use them the same way.
  10. Foreign food

    Grits are similar to cornmeal, but the corn has been treated with lime first to remove the husk. Then it's ground very coarse. I like them, as they're a good vehicle to eat butter and salt and pepper! Some folks like them with cheese melted in...and other stuff. I use grits in my tamales to give the masa more texture than the plain corn flour gives.
  11. Foreign food

    I think I was about 3 years old the first time I tasted fish eggs. My mom had this way of getting me to taste just about anything. Whenever we'd go fishing and we got a female, mom would save the eggs, roll them in seasoned cornmeal (like you'd use for polenta) and fry them. A little sprinkle of salt and YUM-O! It wasn't until I was grown and at a fancy party that I tasted proper caviar for the first time as an appetizer. A Belgian endive leaf with a dollop of boursin cheese and a tiny spoonful of caviar on top of the cheese. Very tasty.
  12. Foreign food

    I'll stick to my own gender, thank you very much! Caviar is as far as I go!
  13. Foreign food

    Pig trotters??? That's just WRONG...on so many levels...
  14. Foreign food

    Oh! How traumatizing!!! :shock: I could never eat anyone or anything I've had a personal relationship with. Were they starving with nothing else to eat? That would have been the only acceptable excuse for eating your child's pet.
  15. Foreign food

    Little did Boris realize that when he'd accepted this assignment, that it would be to his detriment. Though all salmon realize that ultimately, they are bound for a suicide mission.