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  1. I thought it was time for a new DW thread.. just in case anyone is still watching..?! I for one have been quite disappointed with the show for a while.. I wasn't a huge fan of Clara, nor Capaldi's doctor. I've continued to watch, but I can't say that I remember much of it. However, the trailer for series 10 does look a little more promising. It will be good to no longer have such a focus on Clara, and they do look like more traditional, fun and exciting episodes. I honestly hope that it's a good series, and Capaldi has a good finish. As for the new doctor, I've been following some of the chat on Gallifrey Base, and there is a lot of hope for a female Doctor.. I'm not sure the BBC will take that risk, but I have to say I would LOVE to see it. Thoughts....?
  2. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Please use this thread to inform members about deals, including free books and price reductions. NB: This is for established members to tell us about genuine deals, it is not for new members to promote their own books. You must have over 30 posts to post on this thread, and if we believe anything to be promotional, it will be removed.
  3. Meet the admins and moderators.... Michelle Janet Kell Kat Kylie Athena
  4. Ok, I have a tough one for you - as we're 10 years old in July, I want to know your Top 10 books... of all time! To make it easier, you don't have to give them any order, you can include a series as one selection, and it's up to you what criteria you use. So the challenge is set - tell us your Top 10 books!
  5. John Wyndham

    The Chrysalids was one of the books I read whilst doing my English Literature GCSE, and so when I saw a chance to buy it as part of a box set from Kell, I jumped at the chance. I've just finished it, and have now started looking at the rest. These include Chocky, which I've almost finished, The Day of the Triffids (which I remember seeing on the TV when younger, and loving it!), and The Midwich Cuckoos, which was mde into the film Village of the Damned. They are fairly short books (Chocky, for example is 152 pages), and very readable. I'm not sure who he intended these for, but would think they would appeal to both teenagers (remembering my GCSE years!), and adults alike. Obviously Kell enjoyed these, and I'd like to hear more for her. Has anyone else read them?
  6. Your Age?

    Someone asked us what our average age was on here. I'm not able to find out through our stats, as not everyone has given a year of birth when registering. So, I thought I'd post a poll. (I'll set it so no one can see your answer! )
  7. It's nice to be here.

    You may prefer to start your own introduction post, instead of using someone else's. If you can tell us a little more about your reading / favourite books etc in that thread, that can be helpful.
  8. *You* provided a list of links, and it's those which I removed.
  9. 2007 - 492008 - 852009 - 472010 - 432011 - 612012 - 612013 - 692014 - 622015 - 592016 - 47 2017 - 50 2018 1. Only Forward - Michael Marshall Smith 2. Why We Sleep - Matthew Walker (audio) 3. Cast Under An Alien Sky - Olan Thorensen (audio) 4. Redshirts - John Scalzi 5. Tender - Eve Ainsworth 6. The Gates: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel - Iain Rob Wright 7. How to be Champion - Sarah Millican (audio) 8. Old Man's War - John Scalzi 9. Planetfall - Emma Newman 10. Zero Day - Ezekiel Boone (audio) 11. Scythe - Neal Shusterman 12. Thunderhead - Neal Shusterman (audio) 13. Who Tells Your Story - Valerie Estelle Frankel 14. This Mortal Coil - Emily Suvada 15. Dogs of War by Adrian Tchaikovsky 16. Before Mars - Emma Newman 17. All Systems Red - Martha Wells 18. Under The Skin - Michael Faber 19. Alien: Sea of Sorrows - James A Moore
  10. Michelle's Reading 2018

    I can't believe how bad I've been at keeping this updated.. I kept looking to see where the next page was, couldn't believe it stopped on one page, and in Feb! A quick update.. Anyway, I've read a few books, and have given up on quite a few too, especially audio books. I may well have forgotten one or two as well. Dogs of War was indeed a good read, and I keep debating whether to try his fantasy books.. has anyone read them? After Redshirts by John Scalzi, I did try Old Man's War, which was pretty good, but I lost interest in the sequel as it just seemed to stretch things too far. Planetfall by Emma Newman was an excellent read, I do love the idea of future colonies on other planets using massive 3D printers for everything they need, plus it explores living with anxiety. My only disappointment was with the ending, as it just kinda drifted. I've just started reading Before Mars, because I do like her style, and I also started her fantasy series with Between Two Thorns, but that's on hold as I wanted to read Before Mars. This Mortal Coil was a good read, thanks @chesilbeach - I'll be looking out for the sequel later in the year. Probably my favourite read of the year though was Scythe, and the sequel Thunderhead, by Neal Shusterman. This is set in a world where control has been given over to a sentient cloud (internet cloud, not the fluffy type!) - now named Thunderhead. There are also nanites in people which repair damage, alter chemical levels etc. Because of all this, people are pretty much immortal, so to prevent a population build up, there are a revered group, known as scythes, who have to kill people. They are like priests in a way, and it's interesting to see the turn around, that the almost worshipped people are actually the ones killing. It all sounds strange, but you have to believe me that world building is great, and it all just makes sense. Honest! :-D
  11. I'm sorry you're still not right. I won a copy of the sequel to Caraval on twitter, so assuming it does turn up when released, I can let you know what it's like. I agree about Caraval.. it's a nicely laid out book, and a colourful read.
  12. I've decided to revive the Featured Author idea, but a little differently, calling it Author Chat. I've invited Michele Gorman to come along and help out - I 'bumped into' Michele on Twitter, when she posted a blog post about paid-for reviews. Her blog has some interesting discussions on it, and so I thought there might be some interesting things to chat about on here. Michele is originally from the US, but she now lives in London. Her 2 chick-lit books are Single In The City (paperback and kindle) and Misfortune (kindle). She's also just released Little Sacrifices under her pen name of Jamie Scott, which is historical fiction. I'm sure Michele would be happy to discuss her publishing process, why she chooses kindle etc. She's discussed cover design, paid-for reviews and blog tours on her own blog, so I'm sure there's plenty we can talk about. Bear with us whilst I get Michele registered, and please think of some interesting questions. I'm going to start by asking her why she chose to leave the US and move to London?
  13. For fans of Black Mirror and HBO’s Westworld, and readers of James Dashner and Veronica Roth, Otherworld is the first book in New York Times bestselling authors Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller's new YA sci-fi-thriller series. The future is now. And the future is terrifying. There are no screens. There are no controls. You don’t just see and hear it—you taste, smell, and touch it too. In this new reality, there are no laws to break or rules to obey. You can live your best life. Indulge every desire. It’s a game so addictive you’ll never want it to end. Until you realize that you’re the one being played. Welcome to Otherworld, where reality is dead. Step into the future. Leave your body behind. I was offered an early copy of this book, and with comparisons being made to two of my favourite shows, I couldn't resist. Sometimes I do take a while to get to a review book, but I decided to take a peek when I got it, and was soon hooked. I'm seeing quite a few mixed reviews coming in, and I think a lot could depend on what you've read before in this area, how much technology progress you're willing to accept etc. I had no particular expectations, and I found it a fast paced, rather excellent read. We're initially introduced to a VR game, which although is very realistic, still relies on a headset, gloves etc. The company are also working on a totally immersive version, complete with a patch which goes straight on skin, and utilises your brain instead.. sounds far fetched, but is made to work! The story goes between the quests within the game world, complete with self aware AI characters, and what's happening in the real world. The main characters in the book could have been developed a little more, but at the end of the day, this isn't really a character driven book.. it's a fast, action driven book, with some interesting turns. It's taken some new ideas, and some old ones, and made quite a ride. I'l definitely be picking up the next one.
  14. I'm sorry but we don't allow links on the forum to any of these types of sites. In my experience, the vast majority allow access to pirated books, which we can not condone, and as you've already pointed out, we do not know if they contain virus / how they use your details etc. I've left your original query, but not the links.
  15. That sounds very much like The Giver by Lois Lowry https://www.amazon.co.uk/Giver-Quartet-Lois-Lowry/dp/0544336267/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1522865884&sr=8-1
  16. The best crime book in 2017

    Can we ask you to type in English please, as there's no inbuilt translation available.
  17. Claire's Book List 2018

    I found it hard to pinpoint how I felt about Ink.. I did like it, but something stopped it being great. I agree the cover is amazing. I have my eye on This Mortal Coil, so I'm glad you liked it. As for The Hate U Give, something is holding me back, I think maybe because it's been on twitter constantly, and feels too hyped right now.
  18. A big hello

    Welcome to the forum Amy - we do specify in our rules that new members are not permitted to post links until they have 10 posts, nor are members allowed to simply point people to their own blog. We'd be happy to have you here, and I'm sure some have general blog writing tips for you, but a direct link is not permitted I'm afraid. If you become a regular member, you'r welcome to add your blog address in your signature.
  19. http://www.gollancz.co.uk/2013/02/the-sf-masterworks/ As someone who seems to enjoy the older SF, I've decided to look into this list. I'd appreciate any views on any of the books, and any you feel shouldn't be missed. A CASE OF CONSCIENCE James Blish A FALL OF MOONDUST Arthur C. Clarke A MAZE OF DEATH Philip K. Dick AMMONITE Nicola Griffith ARSLAN M.J. Engh A SCANNER DARKLY Philip K. Dick BABEL – 17 Samuel R. Delany BEHOLD THE MAN Michael Moorcock BLOOD MUSIC Greg Bear BRING THE JUBILEE Ward Moore CAT’S CRADLE Kurt Vonnegut CHILDHOOD’S END Arthur C. Clarke CITIES IN FLIGHT James Blish CITY Clifford D. Simak DANCERS AT THE END OF TIME Michael Moorcock DANGEROUS VISIONS Ed. by Harlan Ellison DARK BENEDICTION Walter M. Miller DHALGREN Samuel R. Delany DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP Philip K. Dick DOOMSDAY BOOK Connie Willis DOWNWARD TO EARTH Robert Silverberg DR. BLOODMONEY Philip K. Dick DUNE Frank Herbert DYING INSIDE Robert Silverberg EARTH ABIDES George R. Stewart EMPHYRIO Jack Vance ENGINE SUMMER John Crowley EON Greg Bear FLOATING WORLDS Cecelia Holland FLOW MY TEARS, THE POLICEMAN SAID Philip K. Dick FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON Daniel Keyes FRANKENSTEIN Mary Shelley GATEWAY Frederik Pohl GRASS Sheri S. Tepper GREYBEARD Brian Aldiss HELLICONIA Brian Aldiss HELLSTROM’S HIVE Frank Herbert HYPERION Dan Simmons I AM LEGEND Richard Matheson INVERTED WORLD Christopher Priest JEM Frederik Pohl LAST AND FIRST MEN Olaf Stapledon LIFE DURING WARTIME Lucius Shepard LORD OF LIGHT Roger Zelazny MAN PLUS Frederik Pohl MARTIAN TIME-SLIP Philip K. Dick MISSION OF GRAVITY Hal Clement MOCKINGBIRD Walter Tevis MORE THAN HUMAN Theodore Sturgeon NON-STOP Brian Aldiss NOVA Samuel R. Delany NOW WAIT FOR LAST YEAR** Philip K. Dick ODD JOHN Olaf Stapledon OF MEN AND MONSTERS William Tenn PAVANE Keith Roberts RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA Arthur C. Clarke RIDDLEY WALKER Russell Hoban RINGWORLD Larry Niven ROADSIDE PICNIC Boris Strugatsky, Arkady Strugatsky ROGUE MOON Algis Budrys R.U.R. AND WAR WITH THE NEWTS Karel Čapek SARAH CANARY Karen Joy Fowler SIRIUS Olaf Stapledon SLOW RIVER Nicola Griffith STAND ON ZANZIBAR John Brunner STAR MAKER Olaf Stapledon SYNNERS Pat Cadigan TAKE BACK PLENTY Colin Greenland TAU ZERO Poul Anderson THE AFFIRMATION Christopher Priest THE BODY SNATCHERS Jack Finney THE BOOK OF SKULLS Robert Silverberg THE CALTRAPS OF TIME David I. Masson THE CENTAURI DEVICE M. John Harrison THE CHILD GARDEN Geoff Ryman THE CITY AND THE STARS Arthur C. Clarke THE CONTINUOUS KATHERINE MORTENHOE D.G. Compton THE COMPLETE RODERICK John Sladek THE DEMOLISHED MAN Alfred Bester THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE William Gibson and Bruce Sterling THE DISPOSSESSED Ursula Le Guin THE DROWNED WORLD** J. G. Ballard THE FALL OF HYPERION Dan Simmons THE FEMALE MAN Joanna Russ THE FIFTH HEAD OF CERBERUS Gene Wolfe THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON H.G. Wells THE FOOD OF THE GODS H.G. Wells THE FOREVER WAR Joe Haldeman THE FOUNTAINS OF PARADISE Arthur C. Clarke THE GATE TO WOMEN’S COUNTRY Sheri S. Tepper THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY Douglas Adams THE INVISIBLE MAN H.G. Wells THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU H.G. Wells THE LATHE OF HEAVEN Ursula le Guin THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE Philip K. Dick THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS Robert A. Heinlein THE PENULTIMATE TRUTH Philip K. Dick THE PRESTIGE Christopher Priest THE REDISCOVERY OF MAN Cordwainer Smith THE SEA AND SUMMER George Turner THE SHRINKING MAN Richard Matheson THE SIMULACRA Philip K. Dick THE SIRENS OF TITAN Kurt Vonnegut THE SPACE MERCHANTS Frederik Pohl and C.M.Kornbluth THE STARS MY DESTINATION Alfred Bester THE THREE STIGMATA OF PALMER ELDRITCH Philip K. Dick THE TIME MACHINE H. G. Wells THE TIME MACHINE/THE WAR OF THE WORLDS H. G. Wells THE WAR OF THE WORLDS H.G. Wells TIME OUT OF JOINT Philip K. Dick TIMESCAPE Greg Benford UBIK Philip K. Dick UNQUENCHABLE FIRE Rachel Pollack VALIS Philip K. Dick WHERE LATE THE SWEET BIRDS SANG Kate Wilhelm
  20. This is the second book I've read by this author, and she has a way of taking complex situations, and making them approachable for young people. In Tender, Eve looks at the important subject of young carers - Marty has been living with his mum's deteriorating mental health since the death of his father, whilst Daisy has a severely ill younger brother, and exhausted parents trying to cope in their own way. Both of these teenagers are trying to persuade everyone else that everything is fine, and Marty in particular is so adamant that he doesn't need help from anyone, even though we can see he's close to destroying himself. They meet at a young carers group, when Marty is forced there by social services. They form an acceptance of each other, and help each other to understand their situations. This does develop into a romance, which I personally felt wasn't needed.. their friendship would have been enough for me. Marty and Daisy so easily found their way into my heart, and so their experiences can be difficult to read about, but this is an important subject well handled, with an overlying message of support and hope.
  21. Muggle Not - 2018 Books Read

    I listened to a bit of this, and gave up - with your comments I might try again.. thanks.
  22. The first was a surprise hit with me, the second I pushed through a bit.. I read a tiny bit of the third, and didn't continue. I rather wish it had been kept as one book, or at the most a duology.
  23. What's Up in March? - 2018

    It's so stressful, isn't it? We had no water yesterday due to frozen pipe up in the loft. Took us ages to sort it out, and we had the same.. Glen was trying to get through to our service, and was getting no answer. I hope the plumber wasn't too expensive!
  24. I think Karen has simply put ' ' around each title, as in 'Title of Book'...?
  25. Emails

    Could the following please check the email they use for here. If you're set up for email notifications, and there's a problem with your email, I get the error bounce messages in my inbox. We do ask you to use a working email when you register, but if it doesn't work at the moment, please turn off your email notifications. Thank you. @Marie H @Flip Martian @pontalba @Little Pixie