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  1. I hadn't read anything by her before I was offered Strange the Dreamer - and I rather fell in love with it! Daughter of Smoke and Bone was also really good, but I preferred the former. Worshipping.. that will be my students of course, worshipping me! It used to be called Teaching and Assessing.. it's mainly so that we can have student nurses with us. These days it's a 50/50 spread.. the Universities are responsible for passing / failing them academically, but mentors are responsible for looking after them on their placements, but also for teaching and assessing them. On top of that though, I have to support / teach health care assistants working with us, and a more junior practice nurse, so the skills are used there too.
  2. My actual book reading has dropped off a bit - I've started a rather intensive mentorship course, so I've reading texts books and studying! I have just finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.. I really enjoy it, but it wasn't as good as Strange the Dreamer, which I adored! I will be moving on to book two fairly soon. I have been listening to some audiobooks, including some of the Alien series.. this includes an audible dramatisation, plus novelisation of a couple of the books.
  3. You're not using Microsoft Edge on there, are you? muggle-not has had some issues with that browser and Edge.
  4. Sorry! It was in the papers, and then right at the very end of the trailer following the first episode.
  5. Well, we're 3 episodes in.. I don't think they're particularly strong episodes, but they've been enjoyable, and I'm now finally getting Capaldi's Doctor. I do think they went for far too much grumpiness before, this is exactly how I hoped an older Doctor would be.. and I think there's even more depth there if they just let it come out. I'm now actually disappointed he's going... whereas before I wasn't even keen on watching. Most importantly, I'm now excited about DW again, I look forward to the episodes, and I'm back to reading the Gallifrey Base forum. As for the vault:
  6. I'm really not sure what else I can offer, as they seem to be showing for everyone else, and is therefore not a software based problem. Sorry.
  7. frankie, if that happens again, simply hide the thread, and then use the Ask A Mod thread - someone will soon delete it for you.
  8. So just to clarify, as soon as we updated, none of the emoticons worked for you? There were problems with some, but Athena made some changes, and they've been fine since. Have you tried logging out, clearing your cache etc? Is anyone else not seeing them?
  9. In which case, I look forward to your further contributions.
  10. It's nothing to do with the amount of information - in our experience, when a new member's first and only post is to tell us about a great book they just happen to have found, it's usually promotional. Especially when it's a recently published book from an independent publisher.
  11. This does show many signs of being a promotional post - are you the author?
  12. Did they disappear after the upgrade, or just recently? If it's a problem which occurred due to the upgrade, we do need more information about your browser, operating system etc.. there was an issue with emoticons, but we believe it to be sorted. If they were ok directly after the upgrade, and have only disappeared recently, then it's more likely to be an issue your end, as we haven't made any changes, and others can see them ok.
  13. I love this line! It is a difficult one, and I think you sum it up well. I'm also interested in the next two books, but have a few more other ones to get to first.
  14. I have to disagree with you on that one, I find it works far better on my iPhone than the old version. I find it's just the same version but presented slightly differently.. and it seems to scale up or down dependant on screen size. Is there anything in particular which doesn't work for you?
  15. We haven't made any changes this end, and they're still working for me, both on a chrome book and my phone. Have you done anything different, using a different browser or such?