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  1. Changes

    The ads are really big when you view the forum on a phone, and they seem to be increasing.
  2. Happy Announcement!

    By the way, I would suggest not posting anything important yet - as once Hayley downloads the database, new posts won't be saved.
  3. Happy Announcement!

    Dear all.. I'm very happy to be able to tell you that Hayley has decided to take over the forum. There has been a lot of discussion going on, and there's lots for us to sort out, but all being well your favourite forum will rise like a phoenix from the ashes! We need to move everything into her control, including the domain, the hosting, and all of the forum files and databases. It probably won't be smooth sailing, and the forum will probably disappear a few times. I will try to keep the facebook group updated with our progress, but if you're not on there, just keep coming back here until it surfaces again. Thank you all so much for your support over my decision, and many thank yous to Hayley for taking this on.
  4. The last one to post here wins

    I don't want to tease too much.... but there may never be a winner....
  5. Saving content

    I need to find out how people are getting on saving their content please. There is now a security update for the software, but to install that we need to install a massive new upgrade, which we wanted to avoid. But, we can't leave the forum with a security issue for too long in case it compromises the server. So, if everyone has what they need, we can start the process to close completely, and delete the forum. But if anyone is still having issues, we need to know. Thank you!
  6. Saving content

    Yes.. I’m keeping the forum here so that people can get any content they need.
  7. General questions / discussions

    @~Andrea~ did you mean you wanted to help moderate it? Are you a member?
  8. General questions / discussions

    I posted this in the Facebook group.. For GoodReads, there's n old group which could easily be revived.. I'm not on there very often though. https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/12308-book-club-forum If anyone is interested in running this one, let me know and I can make you a moderator.
  9. Saving content

    That's a shame. I might just take screen shots of some of the interviews, and copy some of my more recent reviews to LT.
  10. Saving content

    How's everyone getting on with saving content? I don't want to keep this going for ages if everyone is ok, but I don't want to shut it if people are still trying to get their content. @Kylie how easy is SiteSucker to use? I mainly want to save the author interviews, as I have my reading records saved in LT. Has anyone else found anything good?
  11. Willoyd's Reading 2018

    Unfortunately, one of the reasons that forums don't do that well any more is because most people seem to like the ease and speed fo social media. As you've said, people are coming to the facebook group who we haven't seen in here for ages. I appreciate that there is a group of people who enjoy the in depth discussions which work better on a forum, but there are too many negatives (cost, time, tech know-how etc) to justify keeping it going for a few. There is room for discussion on LT, but not many seem that interested in joining / discussing, and you can't have a good discussion without a decent amount of people.
  12. Share your memories

    That's difficult.. I actually think one of my best memories was from back in the very early days. I contacted some authors to ask if they would support our new forum, with either an interview or a competition prize, and all of them were wonderful and helpful. In general, as Echo said, I've made some great, supportive people on here, which will always stay with me. Bad memories - definitely the two occasions we were trolled.. both lead by the same person. Back then I didn't have the experience or confidence to deal properly with the situation, and I had people turn against me for it. He probably had fun, but it caused me a lot of stress and upset. However.. I also had amazing support from other people on here, so there was good too.
  13. General questions / discussions

    Contact the admin. We sometimes had problems.. forum emails often end up flagged as spam, and can be blocked before they even reach you. Admins can usually confirm your email, and do things manually.
  14. General questions / discussions

    I appreciate that sentiment muggle.. and that’s why I didn’t give the name or site address.
  15. General questions / discussions

    I'm sorry to hear that muggle. By the way, do you still visit the other forum at all, where Stuart came from (who caused trouble over here)? I just wondered how things were over there?