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  1. Health and Fitness

    As a practice nurse, vitamin D deficiency is something we’ve definitely seen a lot of the past few years.
  2. User banned after posting

    This is really not the way to deal with this, but as you’ve made it public, I’ll answer you. I received her email a couple of hours ago, but as I’m a nurse I’ve only just gotten home from work I belive it was removed because it would be deemed a promotional post, which we have strict guidelines about. We specifically ask people not to join to simply promote a book or author, which is basically what she’s done. These ‘rules’ are very clearly laid out in our Announcements section. All other interviews on this forum have been carried out by myself or my staff members, not forum members. Again, a little time looking in that section would have made that quite clear.
  3. PMs

    Following a report today, it came to my attention that new members are able to send PMs.. this must have happened during the last upgrade, and the original restrictions have now been reapplied. May I also request that if you receive an unwanted PM (abusive, promotional etc) that you please let us know. We have no access to anyone’s PMs, and so can’t tell this is happening if we’re not informed.
  4. Looking for some YA titles

    How about Gone by Michael Grant?
  5. Has anyone read...?

    If you haven’t watched Silence of the Lambs as a film, I recommend it. Beth watched it recently (she’s 18) and she was hooked.
  6. Star Trek Discovery

    I haven’t gotten around to try it yet...
  7. For fans of Black Mirror and HBO’s Westworld, and readers of James Dashner and Veronica Roth, Otherworld is the first book in New York Times bestselling authors Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller's new YA sci-fi-thriller series. The future is now. And the future is terrifying. There are no screens. There are no controls. You don’t just see and hear it—you taste, smell, and touch it too. In this new reality, there are no laws to break or rules to obey. You can live your best life. Indulge every desire. It’s a game so addictive you’ll never want it to end. Until you realize that you’re the one being played. Welcome to Otherworld, where reality is dead. Step into the future. Leave your body behind. I was offered an early copy of this book, and with comparisons being made to two of my favourite shows, I couldn't resist. Sometimes I do take a while to get to a review book, but I decided to take a peek when I got it, and was soon hooked. I'm seeing quite a few mixed reviews coming in, and I think a lot could depend on what you've read before in this area, how much technology progress you're willing to accept etc. I had no particular expectations, and I found it a fast paced, rather excellent read. We're initially introduced to a VR game, which although is very realistic, still relies on a headset, gloves etc. The company are also working on a totally immersive version, complete with a patch which goes straight on skin, and utilises your brain instead.. sounds far fetched, but is made to work! The story goes between the quests within the game world, complete with self aware AI characters, and what's happening in the real world. The main characters in the book could have been developed a little more, but at the end of the day, this isn't really a character driven book.. it's a fast, action driven book, with some interesting turns. It's taken some new ideas, and some old ones, and made quite a ride. I'l definitely be picking up the next one.
  8. The Dark Gifts Trilogy by Vic James

    Tarnished City So, finally I got my hands on a copy of the second book, Tarnished City. Obviously it's hard to review content with a second book, but for those wanting to know if it's worth containing the series - absolutely! This goes straight back into the story, with the same main characters. The power of the Elite is even more ruthless, and there's an overall darker feeling to this one. It does have the feel of a 'middle book', but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Characters are explored in more depth, and their changes often surprise. The magic used by the Elites also develops in rather interesting ways, and I can not wait to see where the final book is going to take us with that. Thankfully there is a fairly short gap between the three books, which means I still had lots of memories of the first - Vic has a way of writing which managed to tease these memories out, without being too jarring, which can be a difficult step in a sequel. The last one still feels too far off though... Deeper, darker, twister - just the way I like it!
  9. There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins I'm probably one of the few reviewers who hadn't already heard of the author.. I requested because I'm a horror fan, and I especially loved Scream in it's day. I can't decide if the author was aiming for a straight forward horror, or the self-aware humour of Scream, but for me it rather fell flat on both accounts. I know it's hard to do, but it didn't feel original, but rather a loose copy of those which had gone before.. done right, this can be a good thing, but not so much here. The murders were quite gruesome, but didn't feel particularly scary, the characters made some stupid decisions, and the murderers reasoning was flimsy at best. The romance angle was a little off-putting for me, but I do realise that that is the author's usual genre. There are some positives.. it was an 'easy' book to read, and it might prove a good introduction for teen readers into the horror genre. Of course, as with all books, some are going to love it.. but it just wasn't for me.
  10. Quick catch up.. Lost Boy by Christina Henry - I do love this author.. and I enjoyed this retelling of Peter Pan. There's an interesting thing here, the US cover tells you exactly what the book is about, whilst the UK one doesn't - and I think it's far better without that spoiler. So if you're interested, avoid the US cover! Alien Rain by Ruth Morgan - this was very much a YA book, but one I sped through quickly, with some interesting ideas. There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins - this has been all over twitter recently, and I managed to get a review copy.. proper review to come, but overall, not good! The Explorer by James Smith - hmm.. on the whole, I did like this, but it went on a bit too long. It wasn't what I expected.. the story I expected from the synopsis is over fairly quickly, and there's confusion at the end of part one. The second part was a little too long, and I skimmed slightly, but the ending pretty much explained things. 13 Days of Midnight by Leo Hunt - I've been looking at this for some time now, and I'm glad I finally got round to it. Another YA one, but I found plenty to enjoy, and will try book 2 fairly soon.
  11. The end of the era of personal car ownership

    I have a Ford Fiesta, it's hardly a status symbol! ;-)
  12. I have had the strangest thing happened - I decided to give my kindle yet another try.. and this time it's worked! I suddenly find myself actually preferring picking it up to a book! It's much easier to get the occasional review book I want, holiday will be easier, and I can get cheaper kindle books! I'm so pleased.
  13. Doctor Who Series 10 + New Doctor?

    I re-watched it again recently...
  14. Noll's Reading Log 2017

    Ah yes, I agree - as much as I like his books, he often draws things out, and then goes a bit crazy at the end!
  15. pontalba's 2017 reading list

    I'm excited about the film.. which also means I'm nervous about it too! @Nollaig - I love the idea of a black screen for 90 mins!