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  1. Wow, I don't think I will get around to anything like this amount. I am trying to get back into reading in light of the current situation with the world and Covid 19...I might pick one from the lists given to add to my list I already have
  2. I read a book many moons ago. An old book called 'Violeta'. I do not remember who wrote it, only that it was an old book. It was set in France or Italy if I remember and was a charming story, I remember the lead main male character rode a mope head bike...a lovely story that I would like to read again but can not locate...any one know of it?
  3. Best Autobiographies Out there

    Hi I really love reading Autobiographies and Biographies. At the moment on my list to read are Tyson Fury and Larry Hagman. Can anyone recommend a good read here?