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  1. My book log

    Hey Brian! I really enjoyed Maze Runner series, Harry Potters (who doesn't?!) Rick Rigsby books, And I love auto's
  2. My book log

    Just finished reading 'The Flat Share' by Beth O'leary
  3. Best Autobiographies Out there

    Hey! You're not the only one! Richard Branson has some brilliant books out. I enjoyed Russel Brand's books, I actually didn't like him until I read them. Michele Obama was good, but the end isn't s great If I think of anymore I'll message you!
  4. Although my total books completed is poor, I do in fact love to read. I will keep up to date with all the books I have read, and I would LOVE it if you could help me out by recommending a few decent books for me to read? So, here goes! 1) Allen Carr - Stop Smoking.
  5. Alex

    Thank you for the warm welcome guys!
  6. What to read next

    Hey guys, first post (not including my introduction) I'm looking for a book that will help develop my enthusiasm to study. I've tried The Secret (unimpressed) and a few others. If you could all reply with your greatest inspiring books. I love stuff from Rick Rigsby.
  7. Alex

    Wow! That’s some shift! i can read anything really. I’m looking for a book to inspire me in my studies, or something that will keep me entertained (although that doesn’t really narrow them down)
  8. Alex

    Hello everybody! Don't want to bore you all with my details, I'm 28 male studying Mental Health Nursing and love reading, hopefully have a good chat with you all.