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    I love comics and graphic novels that are non superhero
  1. Graphic Novels by Jessie Jacobs

    Oh my god it's spelled Jesse Jacobs not Jessie Jacobs, my apologies
  2. Indie/Alternative/Non-superhero Comics by Jessie Jacobs Upon walking into The Eliot Bay Book Company in Seattle Washington I immediately went to the graphic novel section for it was more extensive than most book stores I’ve been to. I honestly was looking for one with the most interesting cover. That’s when Crawl space caught my eye. Crawl Space is about a teenage girl who finds a portal to another dimension in her family washing machine. It is difficult to find graphic novels that are non superhero for adults however all of his graphic novels fit this relatively rare niche. Next I read By This You Shall Know Him. By This You Shall Know Him stars god like creatures that existed before humans. Each being is a student of the universe learning to create things by re arranging matter and energy. This creation story also features an Adam and Eve story fused with sci fi elements. Unlike the rainbow of colors in Crawl Space this work mostly sticks to cool tones of blue and purple. Lastly I read Safari Honeymoon. Safari Honeymoon does not have outer space elements like the last two. The style matches the other two novels but instead takes on a monochromatic green color scheme. In this green world two honeymooners take a vacation to a safari of strange creatures (as the title reveals). I would say I would rank these in order 1. Crawl Space 2. Safari Honeymoon 3. By This You Shall Know Him
  3. Andrea's reading in 2019

    I have struggled to find graphic novels for adults as well that are not geared towards boys. This is partially why I joined this forum for I have found most in book stores I visit when I travel. I highly recommend Crawl Space by Jessie Jacobs it is my all-time favorite non superhero/indie/alternative graphic novel. Crawl Space is about a teenage girl who finds a portal to another dimension in her washing machine. The story is light hearted with some head scratching sci fi elements. Not to mention it is visually breathtaking, the cover speaks for itself.