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  1. Charles Dickens

    Indeed, with Dickens you are in a master's presence as you read. Every sentence full of life. His portrayal of characters and personalities and the comic aspects is amazing and a delight. I know i must read all his novels now. Trouble is time! If only i could just read day and night.
  2. Charles Dickens

    Hi I've begun David Copperfield and it is delightful. I last read it at school 40 years ago. I cannot believe i have avoided Dickens for so long. I will be reading them all now!
  3. My very favourite book

    Not read Leviticus. I love Book of James atvend ofcthe NT. Only short but summarizes Jesus teachings. I just continue building my knowledge by dipping in as i want. Never to learn by rote or quote at anyone. Rather to underpin my faith and grow and enjoy the wisdom and beauty of the words.
  4. My very favourite book

    Hi Andrea Good to speak to a fellow christian. I don't read the Bible in any order, never have. I read what i am drawn to, perhaps an old testament section and a new testament book. Generally i read books by authors who are good at explanation. Selwyn Hughes is superb for instance. I don't like anything too heavy, i would rather be spiritually inspired and follow my own meandering path.
  5. Your Book Activity - November 2019

    Hi I absolutely loved th TV series Lonesome Dove. I am sure you will enjoy the books - though I've not read them.
  6. Your Book Activity - November 2019

    Hi Brian Lord of the Rings is possibly the best book i ever read. As the saying goes, the world is divided into two halves - those who have read it, and those who will!
  7. My very favourite book

    Is the Bible. I am a committed Christian and read sections every possible day. It is my quiet private faith. If anyone wants to discuss purely the origins, beauty of language and literary aspects within the Bible, i would like that. To me the power of the words, especially in Psalms is wonderful. I am interested in the scholarly aspects, original writers and how the whole thing was put together. I hope it is ok on here. I just like talking to people about the beauty and wisdom contained in this greatest of works.
  8. Your Book Activity - November 2019

    Hi I have the taste for Thomas Hardy at present. Just begun 'The Woodlanders' - has anyone read it? I just love escaping into that Hardy world of a time gone by. Beautiful sublime writing from such a master storyteller who knows human character so deeply.
  9. Has anyone read...?

    Oh i can quite understand. I jjust like reading one now and then for pure escapism to a sunnier place.
  10. Has anyone read...?

    Hi Alexander McCall-Smith - No.1 Ladies Detective Agency books? This author and his books are guaranteed to cheer the reader up, they bring sunshine into the dullest day. I wondered if anyone is a fan like me?
  11. Where do you read?

    I love silence too. But i often have to put up with TV that my husband is watching. I've learned to zone out.
  12. Where do you read?

    I cannot read in a moving vehicle as i would be sick! It is so good that with a kindle, no matter where we find ourselves, we readers can be somewhere else entirely. How do non readers ever cope with always being in this world? Personally i need regular journeys away.
  13. Greatest love story ever written?

    Hi Interesting. I have not tried Dickens yet, apart from at school. That sounds like a good one to start with.
  14. It's a Classic! (The Classics Challenge)

    Hi Just finished Far from the Madding Crowd - i loved it.I hope you do too.
  15. Hello - just joined

    Thanks. Glad you did. I finished it today.