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  1. Your Top 10 Authors!

    Non Fiction Sigmund Freud Lloyd Graham Graham Farmelo Bill Bryson Jonah Goldberg Charles Darwin Steven Wineberg Christopher Clark Douglas Murphy Brenton Russel
  2. Your Top 10 Authors!

    Novels and fiction n William Faulkner Henry James Louis-Ferdinand Céline George Orwel Saul Bellow William Shakespeare Thomas Mann WB Yeats Percy Walker Fyodor Dostoevsky
  3. Best stream-of-consciousness novels

    I thought Faulkner´s "A Light in August" is not only extreme stream of consciousness but so impressionistic that the words jump right into your face! The book is like someone whispering in your ear. "The Sound and the Fury is the pronto- type of the stream of consciousness . I thought it was an easy reading book. Try reading Finnegan`s Wake by James Joyce if really want to read something complicated!
  4. Military History

    Clearly one of the greatest WW 2 books I have ever read was written by General Leslie R. Groves "Now it Can Be Told". The hands on experience of the development of the atomic bomb. The book is crammed with facts and details you will never see on Television. Also,your learn of General Groves serious and dangerous attempts of espionage in his attempts to learn and to stamp out any efforts of the Germans to produce enriched uranium. The second greatest book, "Studka Pilot" by Hans Rudel. This book is so entertaining I could not put it down. Hans Rudel the only soldier(airman) to receive the solid gold iron cross in German history. The book is a roller coaster of adventure, all of which is true. You can see videos of him on Youtube. The third greatest "To Hell and Back" by Audrey Murphy. Bravery beyond belief. You read in detail his version of making a last stand on a burning armoured vehicle firing away with a heavy machine gun. Further, you learn of his Nazi soldier hunt. I mean this man was a dangerous soldier. Fourth," Marine" Sniper-93 confirm Kills by Carlos Hathcock. I am so surprised that he was not awarded the Medal of Honour for his three days of crawling through a jungle and open field on his belly so that he could eliminate a North Vietnamese General, one of his daring exploits. Mr. Hathcock had no mercy and sent many to Budda Heaven.
  5. Bill Bryson

    I have read 6 of Mr. Bryson´s books. My most favorite is "A Short History of Nearly Everything". The most fascinating fact I learned from this book was that Charles Darwin apologised to another author who had previously published a treaties about evolution, but received no recognition because it was published in a periodical specialising in naval timber. Great Book!
  6. Greatest love story ever written?

    I think Henry James´s book "A Portrait of a Lady" surely should be considered one of the greatest practical love stories ever written. The protagonist stayed faithful to her husband through real hard times. The book is a masterpiece in its own right!
  7. John Steinbeck

    I could not help noticing the similarities of "The Grapes of Wrath" with the previously published book "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair ( a masterpiece of a book!). Very similar circumstances both politically and from a social point of view.
  8. What book should I read?

    "Brave New World" by Huxley is very dystopian.
  9. Writers' Biographies and Autobiographies

    The best I have ever read is "Timebenders" the autobiography of Arthur Miller. Could not put the book! I had to read this book standing up!