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  1. Hello Fellow Readers!

    Hello again and thank you for all the welcomes. Of course I do. I must say I really like almost all thing by Edgar Allan Poe. I also like short stories almost as much as books.
  2. Animal characters

    I have recently read Snailing Through by Kadri Görkem Aka. The main character of the book is as you can guess, a snail. It was an interesting story. There is a hostility between snails and slugs in the book emerging from their cultural differences which they have to overcome through understanding each other and I think the way the subject is worked through these animals was a different approach. Also, a bit from past, there is adventures of Lassie the dog. Those remain very popular still.
  3. Do men enjoy Austen Novels as much as women?

    I personally enjoyed Pride and Prejudice. But I would agree it is more likely that more women will appreciate Austen's style than men will.
  4. fav fiction books

    King Theoden remains my favorite character from LOTR. I love Hobbit as well, I think the book mentions a lot of interesting points that the movies just passed by. And for the threads main matter, I also loved Ender's Game.
  5. Your favorite teams?

    DAMS racing team. Those guys do some good work. Also Liverpool.
  6. Hello Fellow Readers!

    Hello everyone. Zyk here. I am obviously new to the forum. Nice to be hear among you fellow dear book lovers. I like mostly fiction. All kinds and genres of it. I used to read hardcovers before but last few years I also went deep into e-book reading as well. I just wanted to say hi. Happy reading and forum participating to all of you.