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  1. Dear all,I'd like to ask for your help. My fiance left her full time job as a educator to pursue her dream as a children's book author, and have successfully launched her first book, Best Dressed, on kickstarter platform. Now she's into her second book, The Swimming Giraffe, and admittedly it has been slow in getting to the funding target, due to the ever increasing costs.She truly has the heart for children and has made it her mission to instill positive values into children's life from a young age through the children's book. I feel frustrated for her because she isn't getting the traction she needs to get to book printing, and I really do feel that the book can inspire a lot of children.As such, I am hoping to attract people into looking at her kickstarter campaign and perhaps can encourage her and help her along the way. If you search for The Swimming Giraffe you'll get to her campaign page for more information. Thank you for your time in reading this post, I really appreciate it. Yours sincerely,