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  1. A book to accompany...

    Hi everyone, I’ve not used a forum before so apologies if I’m doing it wrong. I’m going away to Canada soon, specifically the Vancouver/Vancouver Island area and I’m looking for a book to go along with the surroundings. I’m thinking something set in the woods, a bit of adventure about it. I’m not the biggest of readers but I do like the coming of age books. Catcher in the Rye my favourite. Loved Huck Finn too and if I were going on holiday to the Mississippi then this would be the perfect fit... so I’m looking for the equivalent in Canada... if that makes sense?! Although it doesn’t have to be Canada, just similar environment. I’ve seen a book called Hatchet by Gary Paulsen which seemed about right but it didn’t seem to be available on Kindle - which is a must! If anyone can suggest something I’d be very grateful. Thanks, Matt