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  1. This is the first book of three (might be more). The first book is more than 600 pages and spans from the early 1900s to the 1920s. It is about a rich young woman who falls in love with a publisher or editor who owns a publishing house and has a sister. The woman’s name probably starts with c and might be Celia. She becomes pregnant and the two must marry she is only 18 . The book follows her as she has a son and twin daughters named Anna and (can’t remember the other ones name) she has a few miscarriages and adopts a girl from a program. She also cheats on her husband and is about to leave him when she has her 4th child. The book also follows her sister in law and other characters but is pretty much only from her perspective. One edition of the paper back cover is yellow on the bottom half and has a picture of the protagonist. I loved this book and desperately want to find it again if you know the name of the book that would be very much appreciated.