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  1. Apocalyptic genre

    Thanks I'll have a look at that. It's actually music to my ears that there's not much about in the niche I describe. It means their is a gap in the market for my writing. Either that or their is no market at all
  2. Apocalyptic genre

    I keep hearing people recommend the road but I found that really hard going. I don't like the writing style, much of what is said is irrelevant, and the cannibal element of it doesn't agree with me. its just not for me.
  3. Apocalyptic genre

    Hi all, first post so go easy on me. I have recently published my own book in this genre, but this isn't a self advertisement sort of post, more of a research for another book. I love the genre, but often struggle to find books I like. The problem is I don't go in for the zombies, or the werewolves or killer bees or anything like that, I prefer to stay as realistic as possible, with maybe the slightest of twists from reality. Sort of "it could happen, but probably wont" approach. This is what I've tried to achieve in my writing, but have you any books in the genre you have really enjoyed, that maybe would interest me? To give you an idea of the kind of thing I mean, for anyone who has seen the 'last man on earth' tv series, where it's based on survival without amenities rather than survival against the bad guys, that's where I'm at. Also, is there anything you would like to see in this genre that maybe isn't out there so much? I know this might be taken as being a thread in the wrong forum but I really would like to here more about people's likes, wants and needs rather than talking about my own publication.