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  1. both books are published in the same year, same month and same day ....
  2. hi everybody! i'm looking for these two books and i hope that someone could help me first book : A book of a writer who held senior positions in his country for years,which made him have a clear economic vision about the future.the book reviews many experiences and cases of major cities known economic collapse and the success as a result of the study of the needs of the market and especially in keeping with technology that has become a central role Industrial, currency, etc.) second book: the writer has a great success as a surgeon, tells in his book about the suffering in his childhood,and how simple encounter leaded to a great transformation followed by a great success, success that had a negative impact on him, to fall again in another incident that changed everything ... The writer speaks of the importance To be a true human being, a book closer to the book of self development .. The story is real.