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  1. Have I introduced myself yet?

    Classics: Wizard of Oz (Frank Baum) Mystery: Goosebumps (RL Stine) Sci Fi: By His Bootstraps (Robert A.Helein)
  2. Your Top 10 Authors!

    My favourite mystery authors are Robert A Heinlein and RL Stine. My favourite classic authors are Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll. But my favourite author of all times is myself.
  3. Harry Potter. When I was in high school, a classmate lent me the first book (Philosopher's Stone) and practically forced me to read it. I would have quit after about 50 pages had it not been for his constant nagging me to finish it. I don't think it's a particularly interesting read. Main weaknesses: -The concept is too much of a cliche. -Too much school drama with denentions or the students' efforts to avoid them. At times, I felt that might as well be a normal school (no mages) without essentially anything changing in the story. -Wrong choice to write Hermione as the most skilled student when Harry was supposed to be the main character.
  4. Have I introduced myself yet?

    Well, I entered that forum mainly to talk about my books, thus advertising them, so I gave myself a disparaging name so that nobody would suspect that I was the author of the books I was talking about. Soon, though, a mod suspected it and asked me, I confessed and he told me that I need 10 posts before I can talk about my own creations in the relevant section of this forum. Now, if I could, I would change my username into the one I use on Amazon (Lone Soul).
  5. I have read only the original book and the ending seemed too fulfilling to me for any sequels to be a good idea.
  6. Have I introduced myself yet?

    I don't think I have.
  7. Introverts & Extraverts

    I'm an introvert and, as opposed to most people here, I mean it. I don't talk to anyone unless it's necessary. I don't even greet people I know when I see them on the street.
  8. What are your top three classics?

    Of all classics I've read, the only one I liked is 'Wizard of Oz'. 'Jungle Book', 'Pinocchio' and 'Ebenizer Scrooge' are overrated.
  9. Everyone had treated him badly in his life. The swains treated him better only because he had become beautiful; it was not that they were better persons than anyone else the duckling had met before that. If he hadn't become beautiful, they'd have treated him as jerks as well.
  10. When he was kidnapped by monkeys and Bageera and Baloo saved him, they spanked him for having got into mischief. That was unfair, because Mowgli had never been told by Baloo that he shouldn't hang out with monkeys and, when the monkeys kidnapped him, there was nothing Mowgli could have done to prevent this.