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  1. In my opinion i think it is a good thing. It actually helped me get into reading. It made me want to see the little details that didn't make it to the movie. I love the Harry Potter movies but i also love the books. I don't mind book being into movie because it is nice to see how other people imagine the story.
  2. Somebody that i used to know by Gotye
  3. Hey!

    Nice to meet you all. I am Mimi but friends call me Moonie. I am a 21 yo college student. I recently well not exactly recently fell in love with reading. It was never my favorite thing but i just can't seem to stop the past few months and it is making me really happy. I try to finish one book in a week nevermind the genre. It is helping me better my English. I am a polyglot but reading in english is just the best. I am in to any suggestions. I would love to start reading even more. Hope to make some bookie friends here. And i am sorry for my bad English.