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  1. I just read a book from this author [Lydia Davis] whose name was "The End of the Story" Although I read the book until the end of the book, I could not communicate with her. I hope other books you suggested by this author have worth reading and I can add to my reading list.
  2. This book is amazing, I read it two years ago, and now I can read it again. This is the perfect book for people who thought they hated short stories. This book is a collection of uninteresting, unrelated, self-indulgent, rambling stories about alcoholism, over eating, voyeurism and the authors dysfunctional family and I like it.
  3. I'm not hard-hitting about the book, but if I want to further specify exactly what style of books I like, I can refer to Science Fiction & Fantasy Books, Philosophy, and Poetry
  4. Hi everyone. Friends, I recently became a member of this forum and I want help with short stories. I have a very little time to read a book because of my job and a long working time, and this is a very annoying thing for me, because I love reading books, so I bought some of the best audiobooks from an online e-books store so that I can listen to them in the way. But as I like to read the book, I'm looking for short stories that I can read and finish them very quickly in one or two days, and the problem of not reading books can be solved for me. I would appreciate if you can introduce me a list of nice and interesting short stories to read.