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  1. Changed Text

    Sorry for the delay in posting. I can't find where it is in the book (Redemption of Althalus). I just spent about 30mins searching an online document for the word 'bleakly' and oddly enougb, I can't find the discrepancy anywhere. Perhaps I got it wrong - pretty sure I haven't though. Oh well.
  2. Hello

    I'll read anything but the majority of my books are fantasy and sci fi. Every now and then I'll pick something out of the blue and read that. But most fantasy and sci fi.
  3. Changed Text

    I understand there can be errors in a kindle version of a given book (I've found some myself), but what I don't understand is why the narrative is changed slightly. For example: 'The Redemption of Althalus'. Hardback: "...sergeant Khalor said, bleakly." Kindle: "...said sergeant Khalor." I don't understand why they would change this. This is an issue for me because I now no longer trust the kindle version to be true to the hardcopy. I have OCD (and other issues) so this kind of thing really plays on my mind. I'm thinking things like; "What if this is different in the hardback?", or "How do I know I am not losing some nuance due to these changes?" With an obvious error - it's obvious, so you know when to deal with it. But when the text is changed like this, there's really no way of knowing (it was by chance I found this one). Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. Hello

    Hello Never considered looking to see if there's a 'book' forum online that I could discuss all things books with fellow book lovers. Hope to get some good recommendations and make a few friends along the way. Happy reading!