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  1. Thanks Raven but no its not the one, but i can see from the basic story line why you went there. I have to say that I haven't read that series and from your mention, I just might have to dig up some of the 80s originals and take a look. It looks similar and interesting. Thanks for your response cheers Jack
  2. Hi All Firstly, wow, great to find this forum chock full of great readers. Secondly, I need a little help with one book in particular. I've been searching for quite a bit recently for this book that I enjoyed as a teenager. I think the title is like "(something) Like Me" and I was reading it in the late 60s-early 70s. It's a Sci Fi about a man training to fight an an incredibly fast alien. I've tried searching Quick Like me and Fast Like Me, but nothing came up.. Google is not my friend. If anyone can help that would be amazing Now I'm off to read lots of these threads.. cheers Jack