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  1. Hi :)

    Read 95 pages in the first night (good for me)! loving it so far
  2. LGBT literature

    Just finished reading The Madonna From Bolton. Really good! By Matt Cain
  3. Hi :)

    OOh! Nice! I'm reading The Hate U Give now by Angie Thomas as it was on offer while I went around work ! Really good so far (50 pages in)
  4. Hi :)

    Hi you two! Thanks for the welcome. What are you reading?
  5. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I don't even know who I can see as winning this year, not a clear winner to me. and Omg so true! Did you see last week's? Those urban gardens they did were awful! Haha. What other shows do you watch?
  6. What are you listening to?

    Everything from A Star is Born - though in particular Shallow and I'll Always Remember Us This Way
  7. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I recently finished Killing Eve - amazing, the two lead actresses were so good in it! I watched it all on iPlayer in a few days (good for me, I struggle binge-watching). As for Netflix I'm watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, which is really good. Netflix has a lot of good stuff but there's a lot of rubbish too to sift through. Wanting to watch the Adventures of Sabrina soon-ish. The only other thing I'm watching religiously and keeping up with is The Apprentice! Haha. I used to be massively into series, but it's fallen away somewhat over the past few years...
  8. Hi :)

    Thank you everybody ! Nice to be here. Madeline my favourite authors I would say I don't have a specific favourite atm, as only been back into reading properly for a little while now but for sure I have love Martina Cole, Patrick Ness, and Matt Cain I recently finished reading. What about you guys?
  9. Hi :)

    Thank you Brian 😊
  10. Hi :)

    Thanks Karen 😊
  11. Your Age?

  12. Your Book Activity - November 2018

    Currently reading Martina Cole 'Get Even'. I really like her books and how easy they are to dip in and out of. Before this I was reading He Said / She Said which was good too
  13. Hi :)

    Hiiii I read quite a lot and i have looked everywhere for somewhere like this where I can discuss books with others. Open to lots of genres, but mainly crime, mystery or LGBT themed books seem to crop up more than most. Used to write a bit too. Look forward to seeing what's o n here