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  1. Book recommendation

    Doesn’t really meet what you’ve asked for, but when you have time to read it, I think you’d like Mythos by Stephen Fry.
  2. Mystery Book Reccomendations

    I’ll start - one of my favourite books from the 90s (I’m sure some of you will know this one, but I’ve recently come across a fair few people who’ve never read it). The USA’s national security is under thread after their super computer is unable to break a new encryoted code. The author of the new encrypted code threatens to sell it to the highest end bidder. In heir attempts to track down clues to crack the code, people who may have information and killed one by one by a mysterious assassin. NSA employees are accused of the killings and of being involved with the author of the encrypted code. Their suoer computer is under threat of destruction and national security even more so - can they crack the code and clear people’s names?
  3. I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my idea and I’m totally stealing it from a US Bookstore, just with a few tweaks. I don’t know the name of this bookstore as I only saw a picture, but they wrapped up books in brown paper and wrote a short synopsis on the back - no author name, no book title, no pictures. The idea being you would read the short synopsis and if it interested you, you bought it. No preconceptions about the genre, the author and you wouldn’t be thinking about any comments you’ve previously heard. I thought it would be fun to do a version of this on here - I certainly thing it will force me to try things I otherwise never would - and perhaps others may find a little gem as well. **Rules 1. The synopsis can not be copied from the book. Give it your own explanation and sell it. 2. No mention of the author or the book title. I’d also refrain from stating main character names - otherwise some people may be able to guess the book. 3. Nothing too popular. I probably wouldn’t do something like Harry Potter for example as I’m sure SO many people on here have already read it. 4. If you’ve read a synopsis and you like the sound of it, message the person who wrote it and they’ll tell you what the book is. 5. It is very likely that at some point, you’ll read an synopsis and know exactly which book it is. Please don’t ruin it for others who may not know. Happy hunting
  4. Ive been reading the Harry Potter books for the first time ever (seen the films a million times but never got around to actually reading the books). And now that I’ve just finished the third book, I’d thought I’d share some reading statistics with you all - secretly hoping there are other statistics nerds in the crowd. I started reading the the first book on 14th July, and now at 8pm on 20th July I’ve just put down the third book. So thats 3 books, 6 days - approximately 18 hours of reading (not really accounting for small toilet breaks etc). Over the 3 books, I’ve read 791 pages, 57 chapters and 272,038 words. On average, that is 1 book every 2 days (or 6 hours), 3 chapters an hour, 44 pages an hour and 15,113 words an hour. Anyone else love love getting into statistics like this?