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  1. Wild World

    A piebald squirrel! Not unheard of but not very common. How lovely to see one. Apparently they are more common in urban areas.
  2. Imagining books in your head

    All I can say is in my mind’s eye, unless specifically stated, the major character/object is always on the left. A window in a room is always on the right.
  3. Matt Haig

    I first discovered Matt Haig when I read Shadow Forest and The Runaway Troll to my stepson. He loved them so much he woud ask for an early bedtime. On the strength of these I read The Humans, which I really enjoyed and A Boy Called Christmas which I thought was dreadful. I like the sound of How to Stop Time so that's on my ever growing TBR list.
  4. I hadn't thought of self published that way and you guys are right, it is published, no matter by whom. I stand corrected.
  5. Wild World

    I've always been potty about wildlife, especially foxes and rabbits but I'm fairly new to birding. We have a very small paved, suburban garden and last year I hung over twenty feeders and I love love love sitting in the kitchen watching all the birds. I had to add a bird section to my blog so my mother can see them! I try to encourage more people to appreciate wildlife, both flora and fauna, telling them "Once you open your eyes you see so much."
  6. What's Up in May? - 2018

    I've been vegan for 25 years and vegetarian for 15 before that. These days I wonder what I ever did with an egg!
  7. What's Up In April? - 2018

    My heating has come on again. It's May tomorrow. What is happening?!
  8. Re-reading books

    I sometimes re-read a book I love, but with a gap of a few years, or if I feel I've read it too quickly and may have missed things!
  9. For me, the debut is the first published book, no matter what genre. But does that include self published? I think not.
  10. Your Book Activity - April 2018

    H is for Hawk is indeed superb. I found it hard to put down, too. This month I read my first Iain Banks - The Wasp Factory, which I loved.. though I think a re-read might make it even better. On recommendation I started Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, which I abandonded. It was a Reece Witherspoon book club choice...who knew there was such a thing, huh? Anyway, I thougth it was dreadful. Next I read Educated - Tara Westover and I'm in two minds about it. Having checked out reviews it seems I'm not alone in wondering if it's fact or fiction. Either way, I enjoyed it. I then read A Grand Old Time - Judy Leigh, which I was sent to review. I felt it was a waste of precious reading time and writing the review was a challenge. I'm now reading Snow Falling on Cedars - David Guterson and i'm finding it wonderful. In the background I'm reading Deren Brown's Happy, as my husband came across it on Amazon for 99p for the kindle and well, you have to, don't you? It's actually rather good, nothing new or enlightnening (yet) but I do keep nudging Mr M and saying "Listen to this bit..."
  11. What's Up In April? - 2018

    oops...deleted because I posted in the wrong thread! Sorry.
  12. What's Up In April? - 2018

    At the weekend I finished that book and I really didn't like it but had been asked to review it so I will. But oh dear, I hadn't realised how difficult it is to write a good review of a bad book! I think I've now had so much caffine that my judgement is impaired Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  13. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

    As a newcomer I'm late to this thread but did you read it? I love this book so much. It rekindled my interest in history and the BBC adaptation made me fall a little bit in love with Cromwell the way Mark Rylance played him! Yet I know he was not a terribly nice chap...I have the Tracy Borman biography, it's excellent. Bring up the Bodies was also superb and I'm looking forward to the third, though not to Cromwell's demise. (Note to self: Mark Rylance is just an actor...)
  14. Your Age?

    I'm 56 and have to be reminded of this as in my head I'm still 23.
  15. What's Up In April? - 2018

    A beautiful sunny day here in Lincolnshire, let's see if we can have two in a row! I received a book today to review and dear lord it's just not my type of thing at all. But this can be a good thing, no? "Perhaps I'll like it and seek out more of the same", I thought as I settled down with coffee and the dog. So far...no., really, no. But I shall read it to the very last word; there will surely be some moments of joy within!