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  1. Once again thank you all for your recommendations. On Wednesday I'm going to my local library which has a large collection of English books and I hope they will have some of the books you mentioned. If not, I'll try to buy some e-books on Amazon.
  2. Anything that wouldn't be too difficult to grasp by a non-native speaker. I've read Adolf Hitler and found it quite entertaining, on the other hand, I had some problems with P.G. Wodehouse;s books. Perhaps you need to be an English person to enjoy his books and understand his sense of humor. I'll try Carp and Brosh. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi! I've been feeling a little down recently and I'm looking for some books to lift my spirits. Any recommendations. I would prefer some British authors but it's not that important. Any topic would do - just something optimistic and/or funny, etc. Thank you for your help.