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      Something Wicked This Way Comes...   10/09/2019

      The Autumn Supporter Giveaway!       Welcome to the very first of the seasonal BCF supporter giveaways! This month also marks one year since I took on the forum, so I want to say an extra huge thank you to all of you for keeping this place going. I have a little bit more to say about that later but, for now, let's get to the giveaway!     The Autumn Giveaway winner will be getting two Penguin Little Black Classics, The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and To Be Read At Dusk by Charles Dickens. Both of these little books contain three atmospheric short stories, perfect for autumnal evenings. The winner will also get Mary Shelley tea (a lavender and vanilla black tea) from Rosie Lea Tea's Literary Tea Collection (https://www.rosieleatea.co.uk/collections/literary-tea-collection) and a chocolate skull, to really get that spooky atmosphere .   and...   A special treat for a special month. The winner will choose one of the following recent paperback releases from the independent bookshop Big Green Bookshop:       The Wych Elm by Tana French A House of Ghosts by W.C. Ryan Melmoth by Sarah Perry The Familiars by Stacey Halls  The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White   The winner will be chosen via the usual random selection process in one week. Patreon supporters are entered automatically. If you aren't a patreon supporter but you'd like to join in with this giveaway, you can support here: https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum.   I really hope you're all going to like this introduction to the seasonal giveaways. It's been a lot of fun to put together. Other chocolate skulls may have been harmed during the selection process…     


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  1. Anyone finds it hard to get into Allegiant? (mild spoilers ahead!) Does it get better soon? Anyone else had similar issues with that book?
  2. Star Trek Discovery

    I don't know, interestingly the opening episode I particularly disliked. I just felt like every character line was written for most drama without much regards to meaningful characters (would anyone that aggressive ever get a job at a starship in such a high position? probably not...) - or e.g. right in the opening where instead of saying that she walks off a sign, the captain just goes off all important "oh just trust me" which just seemed such another instance of being overly dramatic for no good reason. As a result, the dialogue just felt poorly written to me, I don't know. I really liked set design, visuals and such though, but I watch Star Trek for the crew interactions so I just couldn't get into it.
  3. Which country are you from?

    I love that so quite some folks from Germany are here *waves over*
  4. What's the weather like?

    Yesterday was so super sunny! Finally a day that felt like spring / almost summer, I enjoyed it a lot.
  5. Is there a place here to ask for (non-writer, not looking for a critique partner) beta readers? Since the advertisement policy is strict, which of course makes a lot of sense, I really don't want to spam into the wrong sections, or any at all if this forum is the entirely wrong place. But if I just included genre + synopsis and no further details / no links / no nothing (I can even leave out the title if you want) for an unreleased project with the request to private message me if interested, is there any category where one could ask for interested beta readers? Or is this simply out of the scope of this forum?
  6. Girl Online

    Are you speaking about the one written by Zoe Sugg? From some of the reviews it seems that she is a Youtuber, is it decently written anyway? Or did you mainly enjoy it for the plot
  7. I don't know, I stopped when the romantic subplot came up. It just seemed so unconvincing and pandering, ... Before that section I actually kind of liked it, but I don't see myself getting through that. Kind of broke the book for me.
  8. I haven't read them yet, but I've heard "A Study in Charlotte" is quite good and it features a quite confident female character - a supposed teenage descendant of Sherlock Holmes.
  9. What is the best e-book reader ?

    I always recommend people to avoid Kindle unless they never want to read on anything else. Sure, there's Kindle for Windows, but what if you want to use another program, or you're on Linux or something? If you're getting anything that works with a store that uses the EPUB format (pretty much everyone except the Nook thing and Amazon I think) you're having a much better chance of being able to actually read the ebook on your e-ink reader and also in any other place you want. It might have still adobe protection on it but that one is more universally supported, unlike the Kindle format where you're lucky if you can get your hands on the actual file at all, and if you know how there are actually ways to remove it to truly read it everywhere.
  10. Hi everyone

    Hi! I have dabbled in writing for a very long time with lengthier short stories or ten page starts of novels but never quite got the hang of it. For some reason, I always thought I could never write a full novel. Last year that all changed when I realized I could, and now I'm already working on my second book. I found this place hoping to eventually find a couple of interested beta readers here.