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  1. Then She Was Gone

    First little review for me so not too sure what to write, however, my mum gave me this book to read and said she read it all in a day. I can now see why, I've had my head buried in it for two hours! So many twists and turns and I'm barley 200 pages in. The author Lisa Jewell has wrote this book in such a way that you can't put it down, you finish one chapter and move so easily onto the second, then before you know it you're nearly half way through! I've still got another 200+ pages to read and I can't wait to find out what happens. There are so many characters with their own personal lives and mysteries that make it so interesting. The views so far from some of the characters on life are so interesting, it is definitely a book that will make the reader think. So many possibilities so far of what happened the day that Ellie went missing, so many people in her life that could have done it but yet, so far, no trace of any one doing it. No one saw or remembers seeing her the day she went missing, then ten years later it all changes, parts of her body are discovered with all her belongings, but no further evidence as to who did it. Like I say, half way through and it's amazing! Give this book a read. Also, like I say, I'm new to this website so not fully sure how it works but if possible, I'm happy to discuss this book with anyone interested and also interested in finding other people who like crime mystery!