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  1. Looking for Fantasy/Sci fi series

    Thanks Raven I will have a look, and thanks for the warning I don't want to buy two copies haha
  2. Looking for Fantasy/Sci fi series

    Thanks Trevor, I'll have a look
  3. Looking for Fantasy/Sci fi series

    Awesome thanks! I will have a look at your suggestions. I just realised today that The Core is new so I've bought that on kindle and I need to refresh my memory on the last book that came before it (The Skull Throne?) as I read it a few years ago now. The Forgotten is actually sci fi but I found it pretty interesting, there are only two books so far its by M.R. Forbes. If you haven't read Outlander you're in for a treat, lucky you!
  4. You might like: House of Night Immortal Instruments Maze Runner
  5. Hi all, hoping you have some recommendations for me! Looking for a nice juicy fantasy/sci fi series- I have read and enjoyed the following so anything along these lines would be excellent. Wheel of Time Mistborn Warded Man/Painted Man Game of Thrones Sword of Truth Outlander (not really fantasy but I liked it) Night Angel The Forgotten Elantris So those are the ones I can remember... thanks, look forward to your recommendations