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  1. Hi everyone, I’m thinking about developing a new website to help with something I personally find frustrating as a book lover. I’d really welcome your comments! I feel that it takes too long to discover great books that fit my tastes (fantasy, etc.) There’s so many books and lists of books out there, but not enough guidance for choosing among the options when I’m deciding what to read next. I have to start a lot of books that I don’t finish because I don’t like the writing style or pacing. My favorite books are ones I discovered after a *lot* of looking around online. So I’m thinking about developing something like a “Rotten Tomatoes for books,” where each book gets a number score based on how critics and blogs have reviewed it. The site could also have Netflix-style categories (like “young adult novels set in the US with male protagonists”) to give recommendations if you tend to like books with specific elements. Would you find a site like this useful? Or if no, why not? Both answers are very welcome!
  2. I absolutely loved this trilogy and can't wait for the TV series! The actress that will play Diana looks just how I pictured her. If anyone can recommend other books that have similar themes (and are also smart and well-written like this trilogy), I would love to know!
  3. Reading big difficult books

    A few thoughts: - Do you read in cafes? I find that being in a cafe helps me focus on and even enjoy difficult reading without it feeling too much like "work" (i.e. if I were sitting in my home office or at a library.) - Tracking your progress through the books could help with maintaining the motivation to keep going? Goodreads has a function where you can easily update what page you're on in books that you're reading and your network of friends will see the update. - You could participate in or follow online discussions about the book, even if it's on the work in translation: this could help with digesting and engaging in the ideas as you're working through the book.