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  1. I've been racking by brains, trying to remember the title of a book. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it! It's a children's scary book of short stories, but kind of joined together with narration? There's hints of comedy in a couple of the stories, and illustrations. I remember what three of the stories were about. 1. A man who is paranoid about a Belgium ghost. He does an experiment where he leaves a jug of water on the other side of the room, to see if it's himself or a ghost who's drinking water. One part is he waves at a boat/ship and thats how the ghost possessed him or something? At the end of the short story he sets fire to his house trapping the ghost but also his servants/family. 2. It was like a list of tricks that scare you or something. One of them was that a man's (wearing a hat) head appearing to hover in the night. 3. A baby being thrown in a fireplace After writing this, it doesn't even sound like a children's book! I remember the cover was grey with some white. Thank you!