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      Dear BCF members,   This forum has been running now for many years, and over that time we have seen many changes. Generalised forums are nowhere near as popular as they once were, and they have been very much taken over by blogs, vlogs and social media discussions. Running a forum well takes money, and a lot of care and attention, as there is so much which goes on behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.   With all of this in mind, and after discussion within the current moderator team, the decision has been made to close this forum in its current format. I know that this will disappoint a lot of our long term members, but I want to reassure you that it's not a decision which has been taken lightly.    The remaining moderator team have agreed that we do not want to lose everything which is special about our home, and so we are starting a brand new facebook group, so that people can stay in touch, and discussions can continue. We can use it for free and should be easier for us to run (it won't need to be updated or hosted). We know not everyone has FaceBook, but we hope that those of you who are interested will join the group. We will share the link, and send invites as soon as we are ready to go. Added: We may as well get this going, find us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/195289821332924/   The forum will close to new registrations, but will remain open for some time, to allow people to collect up any information, reading lists etc they need to, and to ensure they have contact details for those they wish to stay in touch with.    The whole team feel sad to say goodbye, but we also feel that it's perhaps time and that it feels like the right choice. We hope we can stay in touch with all of you through our new FaceBook group.   I personally want to thank everyone who has helped me moderate the forum, both in the past and the present, and I also want to thank every single person who has visited, and shared their love of books.. I'm so proud of everything we've achieved, and the home we built.   Please visit the new section in the Lounge section to discuss this further, ask questions etc.


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  1. So I finished reading a novel called fangirl. it was a nice novel about a girl's experience ''Cath" who is a twin in college and the difficulties she has to conquer. I thought the story was will-written . I definitely give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I thought it was real and could be related to. I also think that how the main character 'Cath' was introduced to the characters was sometimes sudden but real-like and smooth. When I was in college I wasn't as anti-social as Cath was but I wasn't much of a writer wither let alone a famous one, which is what Cath does, write fanfiction. I like the character of Levi the most, because he resembles the sunshine and warm embraces, always making an effort to be friendly. but I didn't really liked how it ends, it was like it was missing something more, another obstacle, or a new resolution made by the heroine of the story. What do you think about this novel? was it good or not? Who did you like the most? and you can share a favorite quote as well.
  2. Autobiographies and Biographies

    Three cups of tea : It's a book about the mission of a man to help build schools for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Tusedays with Morrie, It's about Morrie a college teatcher who then becomes ill with a chronic disease and start to count his days and become more inspirational.
  3. 13 Reasons Why

    I haven't read the book but I've watched the series, and the series contain scenes of sexual intercourse and suicide so it may not be suitable to watch the series. Sorry if this is a really late reply.
  4. John Green books

    So I'm currently re reading Looking for Alaska and I'm getting a little bit bored by it, which is funny because the first time I read it I really like it, and I thought it has some depth to it. I've read paper towns a long time ago and I only remember the fact that the main character was searching for her self or purpose. I read an abundance of Katherines where the main character decides to create a theory, it was very much nerd/smart type of story, and actually all of the characters that John Green writes are a little nerdy and obtain some knowledge or special feature. And lastly the fault in our stars. I thought it was a good story and actually cried at the moment of the eulogy they did for the main characters.