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  1. User banned after posting

    I've just been contacted by a book blogger I did an author interview for. Apparently she posted on the forum, it seemed to load up ok, and then it disappeared and her attempts to log in and discover what went wrong result in her getting a 'banned' page. As she is unable to ask you herself, I offered to ask for her. Presumably she broke a forum 'rule' but it's hard to find out what is there is no advice, no warning, just a removal of her post and her log-in banned.
  2. thanks - quite an international flavour, it seems.
  3. Thank you for those kind words, Anna. I'm looking forward to learning how a forum works!
  4. That's really very kind of you, thanks.
  5. New Members - Questions, Problems?

    Just posted my 'introduction'. Hope it worked. Having never used a forum before, it's something of a challenge!
  6. Good morning. This is the very first book-related forum I have registered on, and until this morning I wasn't aware they existed. Looking forward to engaging with like-minded people and hearing recommendations. I'm a recently published author, having stepped into this world quite accidentally after writing my first book as part of my therapy for PTSD. Being an ex-soldier and cop, not too surprisingly I went against the advice of many of our best authors and decided to write about what I know. Books - I've just started reading 'THE SLAP' and I'm working on my third, due to be published Spring 2018. Best regards, Matt.