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  1. Favourite books from childhood?

    Yes, Enid Blyton for me! I love all her books and have about 300 or more in my collection. www.enidblyton.co.uk is the official Blyton Society website, and is an amazing site to explore. I also loved Malcolm Saville's books - especially The Lone Pine Club. Jennings and William were also amongst my favourite books.
  2. Thanks, Madeleine. I finished it yesterday and it (the story) did get better towards the end - it even had me eager to turn the pages again! I don't rate it as highly as most, I find Peter James to be a far superior writer. I love the Roy Grace crime novels. I probably need to read an Agatha Christie now!
  3. I was given this book and have about 100 pages left to read. I must say, I originally found it to be a real page turner, but now almost a page skipper. I find the prolific swearing off-putting and to read 3 or 4 'F' words in one sentence too much! I find the characters (Guy Sommé, in particular) to be so over the top to be believable. Strike and particularly Robin I have warmed to, but really can't wait to finish it! I won't be reading any more of Rowlings 'adult' books, and feel that she is trying to look like a grown-up author who can write more than books aimed at children. Hence the vast amount of swearing! I have just found this forum (after Googling some Dicken's) and look forward to having a good look around.