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  1. Outliers - blow your mind away!!!

    Oooh, no problem about the link though... I'm about to get Blink to read, I really loved the way the author writes and engages himself into researches to base his argumentation. Thanks for your feedback
  2. Outliers - blow your mind away!!!

    Hi guys, I'm fresh blood in this forum, and I hope I can bring a lot of value to all of you. As a welcome "gift" I want to give a quick and nice book recommendation. Have you ever heard about Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell? Definitely a mind blowing book, specially because it breaks some common beliefs we have about success. Outliers is defined in statics as an abnormal value that lies a considerable distance against other values at the same sample So, do Outliers actually exists in our society? Think of someone you know (not necessarily in person) who skyrocketed his life results? Probably you have someone in your mind now right? So in the book the author describes how Bill Gates achieved such a great success as well as The Beatles. This section focus specifically at the “10.000 hours rule” that says that for anyone to become an expert at any subject it’s necessary 10.000 hours of practice on that. Pretty crazy right? Sounds like a loooot time, and.. Did Bill Gates actually had so many hours of practice? Well, se for yourself. This book is so overwhelming! Ever thought on how the birthdate of a person can influence at his/her athletics performance? If you’re an athlete I have good news for you if you were born between January and March! How a nation’s culture and it’s way to see and react to authority hierarchy may influence in flight accidents? Personally, this part of the book blew my mind into million pieces that I guess I’m still catching it all together again This one is the most curious part… how the life of cultivating rice in the country side of our Asian fellows could have influenced in the amount of effort they put when completing their tasks or even how their own language contributes for it’s ease of learning math… As well as it was breathtaking to read the book it was to write this simple review, I guess I’m going to read again Would appreciate your feedback on this, and if you already read book let me know about your thoughts on the book