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  1. tradition
  2. Ah, thank you! (Sorry, I'm sort of clueless about computers.)
  3. body
  4. What bothers me the most is spell check on my computer. My spell check will automatically correct spelling to only American English, even if I meant to type the British spelling.
  5. Hi!
  6. Sea
  7. Wild (Blue Neighborhood Part 1/3)- Troye Sivan
  8. wind
  9. Hello, Taylor, welcome to the forum! (I'm pretty new too, so should I be welcoming you? Nice to meet you, anyway.)
  10. lemon
  11. Fool in the Rain- Led Zeppelin
  12. Brightest
  13. There.
  14. I'm not Okay (I Promise)- My Chemical Romance
  15. Blow