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  1. I have been looking without any success for a PDF or an E-book of Churchill: A Study in Failure 1900-1939. Has anyone come across such a publication?
  2. "Google Play Books"

    I just opened an E-book bought from Google Plays I think and copied a paragraph that I wanted to comment on and a message appeared that said something like, “"You have used 1% of your entitlement." This raised a couple of questions such as, “What is ones entitlement?” “Who determines the level of the entitlement?” “Is it possible to negate this rule and neutralise DRM?” The reason why I ask those questions is that I am dyslexic which might explain why when I'm reading a book and want to copy a sentence from it to my computer by the time I have moved my eyes from the book to the computer I have forgotten what I wanted to type. As a result I cut and paste paragraphs from either an E-Book or scan pages of a book that I have and work from those scans deleting them afterwards. I just attempted to copy a few lines from the opening of a book from a different vender than Google Play, "Six minutes in May" and a message came up saying, "libro.eb20.net says, You have reached your copy quota, or the publisher of this text has not enabled copying for this title." I find this totally unacceptable. As you might have gathered I am new to E-Books
  3. I am writing an essay on Winston Churchill and when I am reading a book looking for information between the time that I read a sentence and then attempt to type that sentence out as part of my notes on that book I have forgotten what I had read. This may be something to do with the dyslexia that I experience. I discovered that if I scan a page from a book and copy it onto my notes I find it much easier to work with that detail. Obviously it is much easier if I can find a PDF or an EBook. I recently found a Kindle book titled, "Churchill, Winston. My Early Life: The Autobiography Kindle Edition." Copying a page at a time onto my notes then working on it and then deleting it worked well until I attempted to copy what was an important page to me a message came up saying that I had reached the total of the amount that I was allowed to copy and I was dead in the water. Personally, I consider this rule a bit of a nonsense, after all it is most unlikely that anyone will ever copy a Kindle book with a view to publishing a pirate copy of the book. I would welcome any views before I decide whether to just forget Kindle books.
  4. I recognise that it may not be possible to challenge your judgement above but I was not asking for links I was asking if there are any web pages relating to my search that are safe. Surely, the name of a web page does not need to be a link?
  5. I am looking for a PDF of the following, "An Alternative View of Churchill". Gavin Fowells so I keyed the title into the Internet and the following came up. I opened every one up only to find that I was obliged to sign up. Whilst not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth I wonder if any or even all of these web pages are safe.
  6. Looking through the Internet I found a mention of a book that Churchill was given as a child to help with his slow reading ability. "Reading without tears". Then going through the Internet I found "Google Play Books" which appeared to hold a large number of E-Books. I attempted to upload it and am still at it several hours later. Has anyone got experience with "Google Play Books"?
  7. What is the best e-book reader ?

    Its become glaringly obvious reading your most helpful comments above that it is not a matter of a Reader for EBooks that I need advice on but advice regarding any software that I may need to access and read any of what may be different forms of EBook.
  8. What is the best e-book reader ?

    When I’m writing anything that requires study I found that as soon as I took my eyes from the book and looked at the computer screen I had forgotten what I had just read. This might be to do with the dyslexia I experience. I then started to scan the page I required and paste it onto m y computer to use as an aide-memoire. I hoped that being able to load an EBook onto my computer would relieve me of that task. Exposing my absolute lack of EBook technology suggests to me that I don’t even need an EBook reader such as a Kindle. However, that depends upon the application that the EBook is built with so the question is this: Will I be able to open whatever EBook I buy on my computer or do I require a “reader”? Many thanks all. By the way the reason why I took so long to reply is that although I ticked the "notify" box I received no notifications.
  9. What is the best e-book reader ?

    I have only just found this answer because I opened the forum for a look round yet I thought that I had ticked the notify box asking for replies so have I misunderstood that? I noted that my question had "60" answers but I can only see one?
  10. New to Ebooks and confused.

    I can see that I was not as clear as I should have been. Until I really get into this EBook concept I will only be using a desktop or Laptop computer to read EBooks because when I'm studying a subject I think that I will find it easier to copy text from an EBook to the computer in order to use it as an aide-memoire. Exposing my total lack of knowledge I have to say that I'm not sure that I understand when you wrote, "not sure there's a better reading only EBook reader than some of the basic kindles" I say that because I thought that different EBooks require different EBook readers although I may be wrong. Now for a question regarding how to participate in this Forum. I only found your comment by opening up the forum and I thought that if I ticked the Notify box it would happen automatically or am I doing something wrong?
  11. I'm particularly interested in Winston Churchill at the moment in particular, "An Alternative View of Churchill" Gavin Fowells I attempted to get a copy from Amazon but for some strange reason it was unavailable when it was elsewhere. I then attempted to obtain a Kindle copy but of course that's Amazon. That experience persuaded me that maybe I should look for the title I require in a different EBook format but I no nothing about them so I wonder if anyone could advise me what E Book system (If that's the correct term) I should go for. I have another question which is: Is the Free Ebook world worth considering and if so which one and does it require a new reading system?
  12. I recently started to study the 1945 Labour Government which led me to read whatever I could find on the leading lights within the Cabinet and discovered that there were many books about or by most of the leading lights but only one that had the name, "James Chuter Ede" after it. "LABOUR AND THE WARTIME COALITION: From the Diary of James Chuter Ede 1941-1945" I had three questions: 1. Why it was so expensive at £40.00 and the person who was selling it replied because there aren't many of them. 2. My next question was, "but why were so few books written either by Ede or others about him? My third question is, "Surely the book is out of copyright so why hasn't a reprint been produced. Would anyone care to comment on the above?
  13. What is the best e-book reader ?

    A ferocious amount of information which pushed me towards buying a Kindle Paper white. The information made me wonder if there are any hard copy magazines or books on the subject of this technology.