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      So March has crept up on us and I'm thrilled to finally show you the GREAT (he he...) March giveaway!     This time we have a gorgeous print of The Great Gatsby's most famous line from thestorygift.co.uk AND a Great Gatsby tea from the Literary Tea Company! This particular tea is Peach Blossom (which sounds delicious and I kind of wish I could keep it myself...) and the tin features another Gatsby quote.  If you'd like to see the other literary teas available (there are lots, I spent ages looking) you can find them both at the Literary Tea Company's etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LiteraryTeaCompany) or at their own website, theliteraryteacompany.co.uk .   As always, supporters are automatically entered into the giveaway and if you're not a supporter but want to be included in this months giveaway you can become a supporter on patreon here... https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum .   A winner will be chosen at random on the last day of the month. Good luck!  


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  1. Hello there

    haha, such a good song. It's a tad inaccurate though, only about 70% of us are actually like the people portrayed in that video.
  2. What Are You Watching Now? - 2017

    I've been hearing about Sherlock non-stop, so have decided to finally give it a go. Seen a couple of episodes and I'm quite enjoying it. I kind of like having plenty of episodes to binge on while the new season is still being released
  3. Help needed with dystopian titles

    I think most works of Phillip K Dick are worth a look. He has a couple of collections of short stories that will blow your mind, things like second variety, penultimate truth, Minority Report. Really good. I also liked Vurt by Jeff Noon. A bit more cyberpunk maybe, its hard to narrow down those really specific subgenres, but either way its cool.
  4. What are your top three classics?

    I am a sucker for the victorian horror but at the moment, the three that come to mind are Dracula - Bram Stoker Frankenstein - Mary Shelly And probably my all time favorite A Picture of Dorian Grey - Oscar Wilde. Something about the intelligence in that book that feels completely tangible
  5. Hello there

    Hi! I've been searching around recently for some new forums based on writing and reading that I would like to get in to. Glad to have stumbled upon this one as it seems one of the most active so far. Im Australian, and enjoy reading sci fi / fantasy, but recently I've been drawn towards the cyber punk - dystopian style of sci fi. I like the grittier edge they have. Ive read most of the usual suspects, but if anyone has found any gems in these areas I would love to hear reccommendations. Cheers
  6. Your Book Activity - January 2017

    Hi there! I am starting my year with some less heard of authors. I like mainstream scifi / fantasy but recently I've noticed a raw edge coming up through less traditional works that I like. Taking a look at 'Welcome to Night' Vale by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor, and 'Moppers Anonymous' by Jon Best.