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  1. Doublethink Intro

    Hello, wish you good luck..
  2. Hi you very gentle girl, the problem that I can't buy those books cause of my issue, thanks very much that you tried to make use for me, I read your passage about yourself, I liked it too much, especially James Bond movies , and friends sitcom, deep thanks to you
  3. Hello from Syria..

    Thanks too much Madeleine
  4. Yes vodkafan, I adored this novel, but really I read it.. I hope to be aided by a new one..
  5. Thanks very much, I will look for it now
  6. Hi Madeleine, I did my search hundreds of times, and I read all CD works about Sherlock Holmes, and that's what made me bore now, and looking for a new novel to put on my phone, I enjoyed Study in scarlet too much, the adventures, the return, the last bow, and every book..
  7. Yes, really it is great novel, I read it passionately, the kid Ross, and Sherlock Holmes imprisonment, it is very strong criminal logic, and the only non CD novel that I have red, Thanks Janet
  8. Thanks Madeleine, you are too kind, but really I don't have access to Amazon..
  9. Hi everyone.. I am looking for any novel of Sherlock Holmes, which not by Sir Arther Conan Doyle, please can anyone help!!!, I couldn't find ( The breath of God ), or ( west end horror )., it was difficult at me. Best regards to everyone
  10. Hello from Syria..

    Thanks Marie, I am honored, I like to be welcomed by a nice girl
  11. Hello from Syria..

    Dear Kolinahr, Flip Martian, bookmonkey, vodkafan, Athena, thanks very much for nice replies I am sure I will have great time in the forums, best regards to everyone of you..
  12. Hello Everyone

    Welcome, and thank God for safety..
  13. Hello from Syria..

    Hi everyone!!! It looks a great forums, I am Wael Ali from Syria-Latakia city, we are save in this city beside the sea, the war in Syria wouldn't stop us from reading and writing poetry and drawing. I registered here to read Sherlock Holmes novels, not by Doyle, we have sanctions on our banks, so we cant but e-books by cc, so please help me to read about the giant of mind... Also I like to have friends, cause I have very few of them.. Hope everyone of you live in peace in his country.. https://www.facebook.com/domozo.domozo domozo@hotmail.com Best regards..