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  1. What's Up in August 2016?

    Apologies if I've quoted Flip's comment wrongly, I'm new to forums! Imy glad to help anyway:) I was working as a therapist for families going through sexual abuse before my crohns disease flared up so badly, so I can't say that I don't miss the emotional stress! Everyone is up to such interesting activities this summer, I hope you all succeed in your endeavours
  2. Hi

    Hi there, and welcome. I'd advise consulting someone face to face. I collect first editions of classic lit, and find that the best deals are made in antique or bookshops
  3. Hi there

    Pleased to meet you
  4. Hello Everyone

    Thank you for welcomes all and Mr Cat, what a splendid hat.
  5. Read A Book - Live Longer

    I hope this is true! If I read enough I wonder if reading could cure my crohns disease? If it doesn't I'll still be the most well-read patient on the ward
  6. What's Up in August 2016?

    I'm new to the forum but had to have a nose in this topic. You all seem to have a lovely attitude and are so supportive of each other, it's fabulous and a very nice change to see on forums I had my whole small bowel removed at the beginning of last month, and due to complications I flatlined on the operating table like a scene from ER (remember that show?!). My surgeon saved my life but it meant that my recovery has been slow and arduous. So, in August 2016, I learned to walk again.
  7. Hello Everyone

    Too true! Thank you, you're completely right.
  8. Hello Everyone

    Oh good. It really wasn't my fault. I put the fire out with the book club leaders drink too, since I'd drank mine. Faux pas that, apparently. Nice to meet you
  9. Hello :)

    Hello, nice to meet you!
  10. Vladimir Nabokov - Lolita

    Try reading this directly after Kierkegaards' "Seducers Diary"... its an interesting group of comparisons. A lot of modern examples of hyper intensified sexualisation and misogyny seem to have been borne out of this Humbertian example.
  11. Hi there

    Hi there, I'm extremely new so apologies if this reply randomly turns up somewhere it's not supposed to be. May I suggest Japanese books? In particular Natsuo Kirino. She has written a couple of crime novels that provide pretty gritty social commentary on modern urban Japan, yet presented in oddly simple and beautifully crafted prose. Sounds pretentious but I promise that it's not! If you want gritty crime, try her novel "Out" (sorry, I don't know how to do the bold text thing). If you want a more adult theme, try "Grotesque", and for a mythical, ancient tale, try "The Goddess Chronicle". Hope that is anot interesting suggestion at least. Emma
  12. Hello Everyone

    Hoping this fares better than my last real life book club. Responded to an ad for a book club meeting at a local pub. All very nice, little candles on the tables, bit middle class, served cheeses for desserts, bread dipped in oils etc. Then I leaned in too close to the candle and set my cardigan on fire. They never got in touch to tell me when the next meeting was... Hello all, I'm Emma and I don't like fire. I love books though and since I had major surgery last month I've been housebound and declared disabled so I've lots of free time to explore more books. Favourite genres are classic drama, authors like Nabokov, Hardy, Flaubert, and modern crime like Kirino and Billingham. I eat Shakespeare, Blake and Marlow for breakfast, not dipped in oils. Hope to talk to everyone soon