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  1. Hello, I don't suppose anyone knows anything about a fiction book called "A Discourse to the Infidel, a Muslim's Apology" by "Earl Grey", do they, please? It used to be on the Authonomy site for unpublished authors but the site closed suddenly last year, and where the book is now I have no idea. I started reading it but you couldn't download from Authonomy, you had to read online and at the time we only had dial-up internet (honestly!). I went away for a little while, during which time I forgot about A Discourse.... I remembered it last year (we have wifi now!) but Authonomy had closed and all the books that had been on it had gone. I emailed the Authonomy administrators but no one ever got back to me. I've tried Googling etc but there's no trace of the book, which i'm actually rather surprised about, as it was really good, and it had lots of good comments (as in left by people who liked the book, rather than fellow authors looking for good reviews of their books in return). If someone could help me find it, that would be so great. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello Hayley, Sorry for not responding earlier, i didn't realise I'd had a reply. Thanks so much for your help. Nope, none of these maps is the one i'm looking for, buuuuut there's some brilliant information on there that just might help me track it down (AE's first name, for a start, and the Pratts/Esso connection), so thank you so much for finding this site for me! I'll keep you informed of any progress i make. Thanks again, Alison.
  3. Hello, Does anyone have any ideas, please, on how I could go about tracking down an image by the artist AE Taylor that appears in an Odhams Press book dating from the 1940s-1960s? The image in question is a hand-drawn map of the world that is used in the end-papers of "The World's Greatest Wonders" published by Odhams Press. (There's no publication date for the book, but thanks to Professor Google, I think there could have been several editions, possibly between the late 1940s and late 1950s.) The map is signed "A E Taylor 1937". A crop of the map would be perfect for a blog I'm creating. However, the end-papers are cut in such a way that the bit of the map most relevant to the blog is missing; even if I joined the two edges together, there would still be a chunk missing, anbd it is - for me, anyway - the absolute best chunk. I know I'm making a fuss about nothing, and it's easy enough to find another picture, but if I could find an intact version of this one, it would be soooo perfect. I would try my best to get permission from AE Taylor's descendants before using it, but at the very least I would credit/acknowledge AE Taylor as the artist. I can't find any information about A E Taylor him/herself. there are maps by A E Taylor for sale on t'internet, but not this particular one. I would have contacted Odhams themselves, but they were taken over by IPC a few decades ago, and IPC was, in turn. taken over by Time Inc a couple of years ago. I did email customer service at Time Inc but they never got back to me. Hence my appeal to you... Like I said, I know this is a really minor issue (especially when compared to all the bad stuff happening in the world right now), but if anyone could help with either information or suggestions of possible sources of information, that would be so great. Thanks for reading! Alison.