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  1. Top o' the mornin' to ya fine ladies and gents. As we all know, this Friday, the 16th of June will be Bloomsday so I was wondering if anyone is up to read (re-read maybe?) Ulysses. I know we have the monthly read a thon and we all have book challenges aaaaaand this IS kind of sudden but maybe there are people interested in this. It doesn't mean we'd have to finish the book in one day of course, just read a bit and discuss with this occasion.
  2. Late happy birthday (13th June) to Mr. W.B.Yeats !!!
  3. I have started reading The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. After around 200 pages or so I'd say that the book is quite good honestly.
  4. I am often told by mom that she used to read to me from the moment I was born up until the age of 5 when I could read for myself. She used to buy me all sorts of Disney based books like The Jungle Book or The Lady and the Tramp as well as comics with Disney characters. There was no craze with super-hero comics back then or YA and I grew up before Harry Potter was a thing. I follow a few booktubers and they all mention having started with YA which makes sense given the age I guess. But the first books I got involved with were the ones written by Jules Verne and Alexandre Dumas. So much adventure and imagination was extraordinary for a little kid. and , even after so many years they still bring be joy.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm not really sure where this thread fits but I made it here since I am asking about reading recommendations for one of my annual reading challenges. The website I usually buy books from issues a reading challenge at the start of every year with the purpose of reading one book per month and they always give multiple choices. However this year I am having a hard time following it since it contains a lot of new literature which I am not very familiar with. I first ran into a problem when I saw that I have to read a book by an author of colour. Now, I've just read Beloved by Toni Morrison and I have no idea who any of the people they recommend are: Helen Oyeyemi, Shonda Rimes or Nicola Yonn. I guess I could always read something by Oprah or Obama or... I assume Martin Luther King wrote something but what about fiction? What about The Colour Purple by Alice Walker? Second topic: Modern poetry. Besides Yeats, I am clueless to poetry. And I only bought a volume of his works because I was in Dublin. They recommend Ariel by Sylvia Plath, Bukowski's Love is a Dog from Hell or Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. Many booktubers did not like Milk and Honey for some reason so I guess Plath or Bukowski it is. I read The Bell Jar but I don;t think you can tell how good of a poet someone is based by a novel. Any recommendations here? I'm fine with both of them really. My third and biggest challenge comes in the form of a novel where the action takes place in two different times or the action jumps from one period to another. The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes is recommended here and Cloud Atlas is a no brainer but what about something that is not 500 pages long? Thx for reading this longish post.
  6. It;s so damn hot here and summer just started. There was a heavy rain that lasted maybe 10 minutes but you couldn't tell it rained after one hour passed. I can't focus very well on my work because it;s so damn how, I can;t go outside because it;s so hot and I even have trouble shaving because I'm sweating 24/7 and my face is never dry. Summer sucks.
  7. I guess The Lord of the Rings fits. Or maybe something by Virginia Woolf.
  8. Uhm... I almost forgot I have an account here with all the stuff going on around me. Time to update my thread and see what I've missed in two months. 

    1. chesilbeach


      Life gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? We're always here when you get back though :)  Nice to see you again :006:

  9. My bad for not reading the 76 posts this thread had when I asked the question.
  10. Due to some health issues and being busy these past weeks, I did not manage to start reading Middlemarch when I planned (that is, in the middle of March) so I might join this read-a-thon with it. I am definitely in regardless.
  11. Hello. Why was this "upgrade" made? The old forum looked fine. I like the new round avatars though.
  12. Hey there Taylor, welcome to BCF! Nice hat you have there.
  13. Hello there. Interesting titles you have there. I was also thinking of The Poetic Edda for a challenge that I have but I have decided to to with The Republic or re-reading The Iliad and The Odyssey. I added Paganism, an introduction to earth centered religions to my reading list. Sounds like something I'd be interested in. Have fun reading and I hope you enjoy Animal Farm.
  14. Modern translation of The Canterbury Tales? What is that?
  15. I looked over your list and I'd just like to specify a few things regarding your Romanian picks. Tuomas Kyro and Patrick McGuiness are not Romanians. Herta Muller isn't Romanian either, she was just born in Romania She moved to Germany in 1987 where she wrote all of her works, except some stories (written in 1982 and 1984) that were heavily censored by the Communist regime.