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  1. The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

    Your right Madeleine, second in the series was an enjoyable read too, looking forward to number three.
  2. The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

    Just starting the second book 'the Janus Stone' having recently finished Crossing Places which I really enjoyed. I know they've been around for a few years now but takes me a little while to get round to things. Anyway if I like this one there's plenty more to be going for , any views on further reading ?
  3. House of the rising sun - Animals
  4. What Are You Watching Now? - 2016

    watched the first two episodes of Marcella last night.... intrigued already.
  5. Jeffery Deaver

    Well Frankie it was definitely " cool beans ", read it in a couple of days which is good going for me and loved it. Some great twists in the story at the end. Thats two read now and obviously an eager Deaver fan. Whats next ... broken window ?
  6. Reason for Living - Status Quo
  7. What's the weather like?

    in shock !!! woke up this morning and its NOT raining......yet.
  8. Jeffery Deaver

    Ok frankie, The Coffin Dancer promoted to next on the read list. Will let you know my thoughts
  9. Where Are You?

    I'm in the city of Stateline,Nevada ,just arrived for a wedding and a murder!!!
  10. Jeffery Deaver

    After reading this thread, read my first Deaver book "the bone collector" and really enjoyed it, have seen the film many years ago but couldn't remember it. Will definitely be looking for the next novel now.
  11. Mary Higgins Clark

    Thanks Madeleine, I have a copy of that in my e-book library, I'll add it to my "to read" list.
  12. Just finished reading " All Around the Town " and found it quite readable although a little predictable towards the end. Has anybody read other Mary Higgins Clark books that they can recommend ?
  13. Just found you and what a great forum it appears. Been an on off reader for many years but now I've discovered how to get e-books onto my mobile ( getting on a bit, technology takes a while ) I'm reading more than ever, all those waiting times are now reading times. I like the crime/thriller best of all and you have a dedicated sub section which I'll be visiting regularly. So thanks for having me.