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  1. Frankie reads 2017

    Hope you are feeling better very, very soon, Frankie. good luck with the move how exiting! The dog sounds so lovely, both in his appearance and temperament.
  2. What's Up in August 2017?

    I hope they had a good time I am back to work today after two weeks off. Still bank holiday next Monday so there is that.
  3. Pets - 2017

    She is gorgeous! She'd have good looking puppies hehe She'll be so happy been part of your family
  4. What's your current news about?

    I knew about Spain and Finland but not Russia
  5. Stephen King

    That is a good list! so far I have read: Carrie 'Salem's Lot Christine Pet Semetary One For The Road Autopsy Room Four In The Deathroom All That You Love Will Be Carried Away The Man In The Black Suit The Death Of Jack Hamilton I own: The Shining Misery The Green Mile
  6. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2017

    She's so tiny! She's beautiful. I love her little white socks and how the very tip of her tail is white
  7. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2017

    Glad to hear she's better. She sounds so brave, 8 whole hours at a vet!
  8. What's Up in August 2017?

    Glad you had a good holiday Sorry to hear about your car! There is no way on this earth they didn't know they did it. So why people can't have the common decency to leave a note with a name and number.
  9. Book Titles A to Z

    Goodnight, Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian
  10. Hello from Waterford

    Hello and welcome
  11. Newbie from Vegas

    Hello and welcome
  12. Sorry to hear this I hope you get out of this soon.
  13. The film is so good isn't it? oh I don't know I just didn't like the adventures they went on and in my opinion Mrs Price, although a very nice lady just wasn't how I expected her to be. Angela Lansbury played her so well.
  14. Things in books that annoy you

    I once read a book where it said the wrong character's name after speech bubbles. I won't have explained that very well but it was pretty embarrassing that the author made the mistake and it wasn't picked up by the editor. I agree with Booknutt, about repeating phrases and words. It seems when an author finds a word they like they just go with it, over and over again. It's pretty lazy. What makes it worse for me is when I read reviews on GoodReads before I finish the book and somebody has written down my own thoughts and I seem to see it even more.