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  1. This was really interesting to read through. Mine is not very inventive. It is the first three letters of my first name Lauren and first three of my middle name Louise. If I am on any social media site such as Facebook I would use my middle name rather than my surname because I hate it so much!
  2. He wrote a lot of the television show Horrible Histories. One of my all time favourite set of books and show of all time! May check this out. I have read some brilliant books recently so hoping for plenty more
  3. Vicious Vikings by Terry Deary
  4. Glad you had a great time. I love Elton John. Shame about the sound system though. A very Happy Birthday to you, Talisman hope you are being spoilt rotten. Good luck with the dentist, Athena. It's great you make an effort despite your phobia. Hope every one is having a good week. Today is been a good day for the most part. I started slimming world back in January and today I lost 3 lbs! So 2 more and I'll be a stone lighter!
  5. Just been looking through some of the topics and saw this! so happy someone else thinks the same as me. Why these vile things are such a nation's favourite I will never know. The taste, the smell, the texture *shudders*
  6. Tea! I despise coffee and I do like a nice cup of tea and can drink it in many different ways. With milk and without and with or without sugar. I don't drink it very often. Probably about once a month if that.
  7. Hello and welcome Well I think most if not all can relate to this problem in one way or another. You're new to books but is there any subjects you enjoy such as history you can read about or any authors you think you may like to try? its hard to say really but I think you just need to relax not be tired when you do read. Have somewhere quiet and comfortable and really don't put yourself down. I think it's great you want to read honestly so many people blindly refuse to read and to each their own but they are missing out on so much in my humble opinon. You have come to a great place because this forum is very friendly and they'll be recommendations and quite a few write great reviews on books they have read. Good luck and hope you find a great many books you enjoy!
  8. It is crazy!
  9. Yonderland The Loch
  10. This was a great recommendation. Going to carry on with the series. thank you
  11. That is no problem I have got some better running gear too. I am going with my dad now. So it's nice to have somebody to do it with.
  12. Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.
  13. Cottage pie tonight.