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      For the June giveaway I chose the theme 'The Gift of Reading.' One that I think we can all appreciate! The winner will receive four books, including:     The Gifts of Reading by Robert MacFarlane - 'An essay on the joy of reading, for anyone who has ever loved a book.'   plus three little short but (hopefully) thought provoking reading gifts...   The Reckoning by Edith Wharton - 'Two moving stories of love, loss, desire and divorce, from one of the great chroniclers of nineteenth-century New York life.' Create Dangerously by Albert Camus - 'Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those who cannot in this powerful speech, accompanied here by two others.' It Was Snowing Butterflies by Charles Darwin - 'A selection of Darwin's extraordinary adventures during the voyage of the Beagle.'    As always, supporting members will be entered automatically into the random draw at the end of the month. If you want to be entered into the draw but don't support yet, you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum   Good luck   


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  1. Books in the rest of 2019

    I don't often tend to keep up with new books but I have added a few that have been/are to be released this month (June) City Of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert Recursion by Blake Crouch I'll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie. About books I am hoping to get to this year. I would like to read more classics. In particular pre 1900 as well as perhaps finishing the Chronicles of Narnia. I only have two more books in the series. The rest I guess will be whatever catches my eye at the time.
  2. Meet the Admins and Moderators

    Hi Kevin, welcome
  3. Westminster Palace, London 29th November 1499 In the moment of waking I am innocent, my conscience clear of any wrongdoing. The King's Curse by Philippa Gregory
  4. Your Book Activity - June 2019

    Paper Towns by John Green. Two stars. I really wish I liked this one. I read TFIOS a couple of years a go because I was curious to all the fuss, and loved it. I did like some parts of the books, in particular part 3. However, I wasn't very enthralled with the rest. The main character was good. I liked him for the most part and his friends for the most part. I'll probably try another John Green book sometime in the future. The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson. I must have had this author on my tbr for one of the longest times. I loved every page of this book. It was very cleverly done, as we follow two girls and their past. The twist at the end was great, I cannot believe I didn't see it coming. But I suppose that is a good thing. Would highly recommend but with a warning because of the subject matter. Five stars.
  5. Your Book Activity - May 2019

    Thank you Unfortunatly it was not to be. I ended up rating it 1 star. I have the Mother of All Christmases too. I may save that for the end of the year! I think you will like Perfectly Imperfect Woman. Or at least hope you will. Hi, Luanna. Welcome
  6. Can You Keep A Secret by Sophie Kinsella
  7. Word Association

  8. Word Association

    New York
  9. Your Book Activity - May 2019

    Glad you are enjoying this much more than your previous read. Hopefully you are continuing to like it. I have just finished reading The Perfectly Imperfect Woman by Milly Johnson. It follows Marnie a very likeable character with a few flaws, as she embarks on a cheesecake making business. There are great laugh out loud moments, sad moments and a few twists and turns that made me want to read on. As well as some very amazing sounding cheesecake flavours. Currently reading The Best Thing I Never Had by Erin Lawless. I am finding this rather boring. There is not much of a story going on and the characters (there are quite a few) all seem in a muddle. Still it's early days so I shall read on.
  10. Nicky took the proposal in the same undemanding way in which it was offered. The Best Thing I Never Had by Erin Lawless
  11. Father Of The Bride by Barbara Delinsky
  12. New user from Spain

    Hello and welcome